7 things that lower your testosterone levels


A sociological study was recently published, which states that there is a certain conspiracy of corporations aimed at the passive destruction of male activity. And in this case  , the activity refers to reproductive function and physical strength. Both are biologically directly related to the level of testosterone in the body. That is, the task of the higher forces is to surround modern people, in particular men, with everything that contributes to the reduction of male hormones. It is necessary, as researchers believe, in order to weaken the stronger sex and make it more passive. And this, in turn, will reduce the risk of possible revolutions and mass indignation.

Like it or not, it is impossible to reliably argue. But there are several arguments supporting this idea. Below is a list of things that are part of the lives of most people and the dangers of which many do not even realize.

1. Food filled with hormones and pesticides

Today’s food is replete with hormones. Meat, chicken, dairy products – all this we eat every day and do not even think that it can disrupt the level of testosterone and increase the amount of estrogen. You will be surprised, but even fruits and vegetables pose a certain threat. Cultivated under artificial conditions, they are treated with pesticides. This chemical drug also does not bode well for men’s health, because it provokes infertility and reduces testosterone levels.

2. Cycling and jogging

The health benefits of a man are so obvious that writing about it is like trying to explain why the ball should be round. Nevertheless, there are physical exercises that are not very useful for you because of their unnaturalness. Therefore, they were not used by our ancestors, because they were healthy and after a few generations you appeared.

For example, before there was no cycling, and no one spent thousands of hours on a narrow seat, pedaling. But it creates a constant pressure on the sex glands, which leads to infertility and reduces the production of testosterone.

Another unnatural exercise is jogging. There is, of course, such a sport, and men participate in it. But have you ever seen a man move like that in life? If yes, then believe me: the lack of testosterone is the least of his problems. This is absolutely useless activity, which also has a negative impact on the male body.

3. Blue light

Strong exposure to light affects testosterone levels. Naturally, this does not apply to daylight, which helps us to wake up and keeps us in good shape throughout the day. But the artificial light emanating from our phones, computers, or indoor lighting is much more harmful. It causes anxiety and increases the feeling of fatigue, and this affects the level of male hormones. There is a theory that conventional incandescent bulbs were specifically recognized as non-environmentally friendly due to the high energy consumption and in their place new LED lamps with carcinogenic gases began to be massively used. And they, as you already understood, are also harmful to health.

4. Sugar

Sugar slows down our metabolism, which leads to weight gain and provokes the development of cancer. People from this become more lazy, and even more so they are not up to all revolutions. Also, excessive consumption of sugar reduces insulin production, which reduces the amount of testosterone. Laboratory experiments on rats, it was found that sugar is so addictive that the need for it with time can be comparable to the heroin addiction of an addict.

5. Veganism

Veganism is another modern trend that supposedly supports a healthy lifestyle. But you need to know that such a diet helps to reduce testosterone and essential vitamins in the body. It certainly does not have any benefit for the brain, and for everything else. But it reduces the level of human activity, which certainly suits the initiators of the conspiracy, but is unlikely to suit you.

6. Soy

Soy for a long time was considered one of the most useful products. In fact, soy is an estrogenic food, and, of course, it lowers your testosterone levels. But the harmfulness of soy is not advertised too often, but many sources are trumpeting its benefits.

7. Lack of fat in food

Another mass delusion is the exaggerated harmfulness of organic fats. Fat, in fact, can be useful because, by supplying cholesterol in the body, it reduces its production in a natural way. And cholesterol, produced independently, is more harmful than the one that comes in from the outside. Testosterone eats cholesterol, and the more male hormones in the body, the less cholesterol. And vice versa: when you receive the right cholesterol, testosterone levels will increase. Therefore, eat fatty meat: it is useful.


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