7 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight


Finally, the very same Monday came when you signed up for the gym and switched to proper nutrition in order to lose those extra pounds and find the figure of your dreams. And so, week after week, you persevere and don’t let your lips even touch junk food . But, no matter how hard you try, all the work goes to the cat under the tail: wearing a red T-shirt, you still look like a fire engine. It is time to figure out what are you doing wrong and eliminate the reason that prevents you from getting rid of hateful kilograms.

1. Lack of sleep

At night, during sleep, the body rests and recovers, and without a normal rest, your body can not function properly. Lack of sleep leads to chronic fatigue, with the result that you can start to score on trips to the gym. And do not forget: going to bed late at night, your body may want to eat before bedtime – you can not resist such a temptation.

2. Lack of darkness during sleep

Oddly enough, but it is true. We live in a world that is universally lit. The bright light of neon advertising, breaking through the tightly drawn curtain, the blue light from the phone screen, or the lantern that shines directly into the window – all this negatively affects your sleep and the process of falling asleep. Turn off all the electronics and light sources in your home, pull the curtains more tightly and enjoy a wonderful dream.

3. Chronic stress

Stress is one of the reasons why people are actively gaining weight. Stress is not only able to make a complete mess in your hormonal system. Because of the nerves, you can start to “stick” problems that will not in the best way affect the size of your ass. If you feel that lately the nerves have begun to be naughty, and the kitchen attracts into its arms, then go in for sports to calm down. As a last resort, always keep healthy snacks ready that won’t let you lose the way of a slimming Jedi.

4. Medicines

There are medicines that increase the appetite and cause an irresistible desire to eat something. This effect is a side effect of many drugs, but this can be avoided. Before treatment is prescribed, ask your doctor to choose alternative medicines that do not have an adverse appetite side effect. Do not ignore this side of your life, always pay attention to what you have to treat or support your body.

5. Negative attitude

Worst of all – it is to throw the gym and diet in the middle of the road. There is a point from which active weight loss will begin, but this “equator” has yet to be reached. Having lost faith in yourself, in your own strength, it will be very easy for you to score for a workout and begin to eat again, neither by falling, cluttering your body with fats and other filth that prevents you from losing weight. Do not lose your motivation and remember that only through daily work and overcoming yourself you will achieve an excellent figure. Finally, it will not be a shame to appear on the beach.

6. Diseases

If you fulfill all the requirements of the preceding paragraphs: you play sports, you get enough sleep and eat properly, but the weight doesn’t go away – or on the contrary, the arrow on the scales strictly creeps upwards – then it is not superfluous to see a doctor. Thyroid disease can cause you to rapidly recruit the whole, but you will not feel any symptoms of the disease. As soon as you clarify the situation with your health, weight reduction will immediately go in the right direction.

7. Depression

Sometimes a person may be depressed without even knowing it, just because he is so used to living. Depression can lead to overeating and a passive lifestyle, which will affect centimeters around the waist. If you feel that this reason is one of the possible, then talk to your doctor and help you cope with this ailment. Your life must be controlled by the mind, not by the emotions.


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