7 Reasons why you have a Bad Memory

There is nothing funny in a bad memory. Take it lightly is also not worth it. So, you are from 16 to 60, and you struggle with the deterioration of memory. Cognitive functions are declining, and you do not remember what you had for dinner. This is scary. But in order to solve the problem, you need to deal with the causes.

1. Depression

The world is arranged in such a way that everything depressed and crushed cannot be whole. From garlic that has passed through the garlic press, the whole clove will not turn out. From the Camembert, which drove the bulldozer, you can not make a beautiful head. And a depressed person cannot be collected and concentrated. Suppressed morally, although in the physical he will not be very comfortable. When thoughts of failures and your own bad luck are in your head, you find it difficult to concentrate, and an overabundance of negativity in your head prevents you from remembering something important. There is no desire for this. Disappears desire to do something and think about something other than their own misfortune.

The reasons may be different: from the chain of failure to the death of a loved one. And, alas, nothing can be done about it. Any negative emotions, including anger, fear and anxiety, also stimulate forgetfulness and inability to concentrate. The brain captures negative emotions, thinking is disturbed, and therefore we look dull and scattered.

2. Mental confusion

Multitasking has become our last hope to be in time. It seems that the more tasks your brain processes, the better for it. He seemed to go to the gym and become more resilient, flexible and strong. But more often this leads to confusion and stress. When you try to keep several things in your head, something is forgotten, something fades into the background. Trying to remember and with horror understand that you just have no time to have dinner. It sows panic in the realm of your convolutions. The only thing that can help is focusing on one thing. Bear in mind that your brain is not as powerful as it may seem. A large number of cases, ideas, people can lead to mental and psychological pollution. And then further stress and a lot of things more terrible. So do not try to keep up with seven hares, Learn to choose priorities and put them at the head of everything. In the end, learn to say no, use the organizers and never deny yourself the opportunity to rest. Otherwise, you go crazy, my dear.

3. Failure to express your emotions

Some people hide their true feelings out of fear, shame, or pride. They tend to neglect the emotional aspect of their lives, so they no longer come into contact with their feelings and thoughts. Although sometimes this practice helps, especially in the profession and relationships with colleagues (never open up to unfamiliar people from work) – you just have to go awry, how everything collapses.

As you know, the brain has two hemispheres: the right and left. The left side of the brain controls the logic, and the right is responsible for the artistic and emotional functions. When you regularly use both sides, a certain balance is maintained. Life is always like this: as soon as balance or equilibrium is disturbed, collapse occurs. It goes without saying that a strong and powerful memory is synonymous with strengthening both hemispheres of the brain. Therefore, ideally, it is necessary to develop not only logic, but also to work on improving its creative and emotional side. Otherwise, emotions will break out, break the balance and capture the entire brain. And there will be no time for logic and good memory: it will be selective and very distorted. So people are crazy and go.

4. Drug Abuse

As you know, most drugs do not in any way support your health, especially mental health. So let’s not remember the traces of the “crocodile” on the skin, loose teeth, tremor, nervous tic and similar things. As soon as the body gets used to the substances, many habits are lost. This is very scary, because you simply forget the basic things. Memory is a real disaster, because substances affect the hippocampus – the part of the brain responsible for cognitive function. As a result, memorization worsens to indecent limits. To look at it is simply scary, because a person becomes a pathetic likeness of himself.

5. Excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol is tasty, healthy and very good. But the potion for rubbing the strings of the soul is good only in reasonable quantities. According to scientific research, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to numerous health problems, including mental ones. For example, it causes great damage to your retrospective memory. If anything, retrospective memory is not the love of 70s music and old cars, but information about the past as a whole. She is responsible for learning and recovering memories. It is she who prevents us from becoming forgetful. However, the consumption of alcohol and drugs (especially together) seems to turn off electricity in the entire brain, after which the data from our internal servers disappear somewhere. The longer and more you drink, the less oxygen the brain receives, especially in areas that the alcohol has visited in person. Yes Yes: the blood actively carries the green serpent into your skull box. Over time, this condition can cause negative consequences for the entire central nervous system.

6. Thiamine deficiency

Thiamine (vitamin B1) is an essential nutrient that is necessary for metabolism and the conversion of food into energy. In addition, he is responsible for the normal functioning of the nervous system. According to experts, a large amount of this vitamin is in the brain, which supports the production of neurotransmitters, which in turn affect our mood, memory, movement and thoughts. Those who do not get enough thiamine from their diets tend to suffer from Wernicke-Korsakov syndrome. A very unpleasant illness, leading to short-term and long-term memory loss. To prevent this disease, it is important to get the right amount of thiamine. Put on fish, nuts, grains, legumes, so as not to forget what the word Alexey means.

7. Lack of sleep

And you thought we would not write about a dream? Let it be trite, but for worn cells and brain tissue, it is like repair work. It is enough to stay awake for 20 hours, so that porridge will start in your head, and thoughts and memories will become confused with each other. Not like the sailors in a brothel, but just confused. In addition, brain waves are created just during sleep, and they are responsible for storing memories. They also transmit memories to the prefrontal cortex, which stores many years of memories from our experience. When there is not enough sleep, memories are not able to move to the prefrontal cortex, and this leads to forgetfulness and short-term memory loss. Therefore, the stories about the 7-8 hours needed for sleep should be taken into account, not ignored.


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