7 Reasons of Dark Circles under eyes


You can apply some makeup tricks, always use bleaching creams. Lay a path in the beauty salon, not forgetting about home treatments.

How do you live? Lay out your own way of life. Your permanent bruises under the eyes are kept on the face and through your own fault.

  • Chronic lack of sleep . Normal, full sleep is 8 hours or more. When a person sleeps a little, the skin becomes paler and the capillaries noticeable.
  • Food . A lot of salty, fatty foods, canned food, marinades, fast food. The body accumulates slag, toxins, cholesterol plaques begin to form in the body. The result is dark circles.
  • Avitaminosis (lack of vitamin C) . This vitamin is a good helper in the work of capillaries. If they start striking, blood stagnation occurs, bruises are formed.
  • Bad habits . Smoking, alcohol, many hours sitting at the computer. All this affects the face.
  • Stress, depression . When you experience nervous overexertion, the body stops taking excess fluid out of the body. The skin does not get the right moisture and oxygen.
  • Long stay in the sun . Sunburn, it’s beautiful, but the sun’s rays provoke skin pigmentation and the destruction of collagen.
  • Improper care of the eyes . If you remove make-up from the eyes with usual soap, while strongly rubbing this area, use bad make-up, wait for bruises and do not be surprised.


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