7 best exercises to become stronger and more attractive


The best exercises for you are those that you most do not want to do. The result is achieved at all through hard work. In fitness as well: heavy exercises contribute to the rapid achievement of the goal. What is your goal? Become strong and muscular. So, let’s consider 7 traditional exercises that will allow you to pump through different muscle groups and win the war for a beautiful body.

1. Rises on the socks

For a start, take a barbell with a convenient weight for yourself. But just not the storms of an empty neck – we understand that this is more convenient, but you want to get pumped up, right? The barbell should be on your back, as if you are going to do squats with it. Now, standing on straight legs, rise on your toes and get down on your heels again. In this exercise, the main burden falls on the calf muscles. For a deeper range of motion, you can place the front of the foot on any surface, such as a pancake for a rod. This way you will complicate this exercise.

2. Rowing machine

On it you will be perfectly able to use the work of several muscle groups at the same time. Exercise on a rowing machine develops the muscles of the middle part of the back, biceps, triceps, the back of the thighs and gluteal muscles. Just do not forget that this exercise must be done correctly: the back should be even for a balanced load.

3. Bench sitting

Everything is simple: you sit on a bench perpendicular to the floor and lift the barbell upward from your chest with your movements upward over your head. This exercise will be a great, but effective test for your shoulders. At first you can replace the barbell with dumbbells. Hold them similarly, one in each hand, bending the arms at the elbow with each repetition. The palms should face away. And do not forget about the back: keep it flat always.

4. Pulling

Well, they came to the classics. While in the gym, look carefully around. Somewhere there must be a horizontal bar familiar to you. Found? Go to him, because this time you have to calm the coolness of his crossbar with your strong grip. Exercise is too popular and familiar to you to describe in detail the technique of its implementation. Therefore, we confine ourselves to two important tips: 1) keep the lower part of the body motionless during the ascent; 2) change the position of the arms to use more muscles. Pull-ups are not in vain considered to be so popular, because they effectively develop the muscles of the back, chest, biceps and triceps – a complete set for the formation of a beautiful body.

5. Deadlift

You should not start doing this exercise with too heavy weight. Even if the guy before you put on the neck all the pancakes in the hall, and attracted the attention of all the girls nearby. We understand that you also want this, but everything has its time. Put the barbell in front of you, place your legs at shoulder level and proceed: clasp the neck with an average grip, bending your knees. Slowly rise with the barbell, straightening your back and putting your chest forward. Fix in this position and slowly return to the original. Keep in mind that deadlift can cause back injuries if you violate the execution technique and work with too much weight.

6. bench press

If you have ever visited a gym, then you probably know what it is. Bench press – if not the most popular, then certainly one of the most popular exercises in the hall. However, many do it wrong, they themselves are unaware. The key to the correct implementation lies primarily in the choice of the optimal weight for you. Ponty must be left outside the hall – here you come from the most practical considerations: to improve your figure as effectively as possible. Bench press will help you with this. And very much, because it provides a tremendous load on the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps. Keep your back pressed to the bench during the performance. Lower the barbell slowly on the chest and sustain a short pause before lifting. When you lift it, your arms should be fully extended. And most importantly: always ask someone to insure you,

7. Squats

Well, we got to the last exercise. Correct squats will be an excellent end to the workout, bringing your body to the maximum load. In this exercise, as in others, the technique is important first of all. Your legs should be shoulder width apart. During the squat, do not need to lower the pelvis too much, and the knees should be bent at an angle of less than 90 degrees. So you will provide the necessary load on the hips. And do not forget that the feet should be pressed to the floor – do not be tempted to lift the heels. You can complicate the task by placing a barbell on your back. Just do not load it too: in this exercise it is important not only to sit down, but also to rise.


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