6 ways to relieve stress in different countries


Stress is an inevitable event that absolutely all people on the planet have encountered. And each has its own way of dealing with it. Someone sublimates their negative in creativity, someone just go to dance in a nightclub. Someone has a favorite animal or friends who will support in difficult times. There are plenty of options, and they are all good, but they become boring, they have become commonplace. Sure, you also want to try something new. Read how struggling with a bad mood in different countries. Some ways you just like it.

1. Bathing in beer

Yes, yes, this practice exists. And where would you think? Of course, in the Czech Republic, a country that is always associated with beer. Everything works very simply. A large oak barrel is filled with special contents: half – with mineral water, the other – with a wort of beer yeast. They contain special substances that have a beneficial effect not only on your skin, but also on the nervous system. The main advantage is that such a procedure can be done at home. For a full bath you need only 2 liters of beer – live or unfiltered. Swim in a beer advised no more than twenty minutes. Otherwise, you will not only not relieve stress, but also earn heart problems.

2. Snake massage

This way of dealing with stress was invented and is still used in Israel. Again, this procedure will not only help you get rid of stress, but also relieve fatigue. But at the same time you will be able to fight your fears, because, you see, such experiments are not for the faint of heart. Of course, you don’t need to worry about having a chance to be bitten: this is what professionals do. Four or six snakes will be thrown at you, which in only 4 minutes will save you from negative emotions, help improve your blood circulation and relax. If you’re in Israel, try it. There will be something to tell your friends later. Admit it, it doesn’t happen every day.

3. “Virtual Vest”

Of course, when you have depression, stress, you always want to share your emotions with someone. You remember that to keep everything in yourself is very bad for your mental health. But what to do, if suddenly all your friends are busy, you do not want to strain them or they do not exist at all? China has come up with an interesting service for such people. Conventionally, it is called “Virtual Vest”. Some analogue of phone sex. Only here do you pay to talk to a person who will listen to you, calm you down and give you advice. And it is not anyone who does this, but specially trained people. And it costs much less than going to a psychotherapist, about 10 times.

4. Shout at the bartender

We all know the well-known stereotype that if you come to a bar, then not only a drink from the bartender, but also a conversation with him will help you cope with a bad mood. Yes, it happens, but not as often as you think. A person is still at work, he cannot listen to you alone, and why should you give him up at all with his problems – he has enough of his own. Therefore, the Spaniards have come up with a very interesting way for people who love to treat their depression in such institutions. They opened a bar, where you can not only break into a person on the other side of the bar, but also get free drinks for it. The main condition: you need to insult the bartender without obscene language and as original as possible. This will help not only relieve stress, but also practice your imagination and speech, mastering the skills of intellectual humiliation.

5. Caviar wrapping

Yes, it turns out, black caviar can not only eat. The way of wrapping your body in a fish product was invented in Italy, but it is a success all over the world. Such a procedure will be useful not only for your mental balance, but also will have a significant effect on health. Of course, this method has achieved greater popularity among the female population of the planet, but who said that this is not suitable for men. We think that it is not often in life that there is an opportunity, so to speak, to lie in black caviar. True, you yourself know the prices for this product, so keep in mind that such a way to relieve tension can hit your wallet a little. And this can lead to new experiences. Vicious circle. But if you do not mind, you can try.

6. Mexican Bath

Mexico is not only Indians, tequila, heat and mescaline. It is known that this country is famous for its cacti. And if you combine them with the art of bath, it turns out something interesting. It is something between a massage, acupuncture and a broom on the back. For this method, special long cactus leaves are cut. Naturally, most of the spikes are removed from them, but this is impossible to do, so there will be a prick after all. The leaves heat up and cool you down them on the back. They say that relieves stress at times. And the feeling is unusual. But we do not recommend conducting such an experiment at home. Better travel and try.


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