6 ways to overcome greed

Surely, many of us have been telling us since childhood that it is impossible to be greedy, almost forcing to share the last candy or favorite toy with our neighbor. To the question “Why?” The answer was almost always the same: it’s necessary, you have to be generous (polite) and so on. With age, many understood why it is impossible to be greedy, however, with some kind of deformed idea of ​​this feeling. And, most likely, if one person offers something to the other out of politeness, then he can secretly hope that that person of the same politeness will refuse. But it may agree, again out of politeness. Who as taught. To never think about it again and completely forget about the feeling of greed, we offer you ways to overcome it.

1. Acknowledge the problem

As in most cases, you first need to recognize the existence of this problem and honestly say to yourself: “Yes, I am greedy!”. What’s the big deal? Each has its own shortcomings, and once you undertake to eradicate them, you will have to face the truth. Just remember that all people have flaws. Even the most holy or exemplary at first glance. Vaughn Buddha, like our great classic Dostoevsky, at one time passionately indulged in gambling. But Tolstoy did not know the measure in his lust so much that he left behind today about four hundred direct descendants.

2. Boomerang effect

After the first step, it is necessary to build in your head new psychological attitudes. But they must be so strong that the old ideas about your stinginess are gone. One of the main guidelines is: “If I give something to someone or share it with someone, I won’t get any worse from it.” Here the main law of the Universe works, which is often called the “boomerang effect”. Do good, and it will definitely come back to you. If you repeat this principle in your head every day, then soon it will be fixed in your subconscious and become something taken for granted.

3. Help people more often

Try to help people as often as possible. Scientists claim that this practice quickly helps to overcome greed. Everything will fit: advice, help with doing work and many other things in a similar spirit. Start with friends and relatives, then you can go to friends, and after – even to strangers to you. But without too much fanaticism. And do not expect gratitude from them. You do it because you want it from the heart, and not for something. As they say, did good – throw it into the water.

4. But don’t be generous to everyone.

Becoming generous to others, you should remember that you should not waste your generosity on everyone. There are two outcomes: either they will sit on your neck, or they will take advantage of your kindness for other purposes. For example, do not give money on the street to every beggar. After all, there are those who really need them, but there are those who just need a hangover. You can say that helping a person with a hangover can also be put on the list of good deeds. You can not argue. We will leave this issue to your discretion.

5. Make gifts for loved ones

Make a habit of making presents for relatives and friends for no reason. And not necessarily your gift should be expensive. It could be some small trinket. After all, the main thing is your attention, which is above the value of the gift.

6. Do not become attached to things.

Do not become attached to things so strongly that it will look like a pathology. Of course, each of us has something beloved and memorable. Mug, rare book, watches, socks and more. But remember that none of this is forever, as, indeed, you yourself. And the rule “I carry everything with myself” in the next world will not work. In your last wooden bed will not put all your favorite things. And you are not a Pharaoh, but an ordinary mortal.


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