6 tips to choose a caregiver


No one said that being a mother was an easy task. Especially when we are working or independent mothers, we must leave our children in charge of someone else.

Many of the women must return to work before their children are old enough to start their school years. Choosing a caregiver is one of the main concerns of parents who must return to work after childbirth. You have to select well that person who will take care of the most precious thing we have: our offspring.

For no one is a secret the family attachment with our little ones. This is a factor that influences when it comes time to leave the baby in the care of another person. There are many doubts and concerns that come to mind. Even more so when it comes to a baby, who has shared little with strangers to his family nucleus.

Despite being a difficult task, it is not an impossible mission. It’s a matter of being astute, cautious and thorough. All at the same time. We must be clear that appearances can deceive us. So we must investigate and investigate as much as we can to choose a reliable caregiver who can guarantee the well-being of our children.

A search that needs time and patience

The maternal instinct will always look for ways to protect our most valuable treasure. Getting a person to take care of children can be a long process. It is better that it be so. You must be patient to have enough arguments when making the decision. Choosing a caregiver is not a hurried decision.

Remember that the profile of the caregiver will be different according to several factors. If the caregiver will be alone with your children or accompanied by another family member, the ages of our children or if they will be with the children for short or long periods. It will not be the same to look for a caregiver for a baby who does not know how to speak, to look for small or older children.

The level of confidence and security that the selected person gives us are vital to be calm the valuable hours in which our children will be in charge of this person. Trust your instinct, if something in the interview tells you that it is not the right person, better look for another.

Doubts and most frequent concerns

When starting the search it is possible that several doubts and concerns are present. Especially if we are first-timers. Choosing a caregiver that suits what you are looking for is a challenge. Analyze the most common difficulties or doubts in this process, so that you can determine if you need a caregiver or it is better to resort to a nursery or maternity.

  • People who take care of children are not usually specialists in pedagogical matters. It is possible that the educational contribution they offer, is not the same as they can provide in a day care or maternity.
  • It can be difficult to get a person who has the time availability we require for our children. But being in your home, it may be better suited to your work schedule than a daycare.
  • Most of these home care services are usually more expensive than those of an establishment. You must confirm that your budget can with your fees, perhaps also with your food or stay.
  • We’ve all heard stories about caregivers that are not always good. We are invaded by fear and distrust of any “strange” attitude that we notice in the person we interview. Do not let fear attack you, but if your heart says “something”, it’s no use listening to it.

Basic tips for choosing a caregiver

1. Check your experience

Check all the references you presented on your resume. Especially with those that refer to similar works. This is the first step before choosing. He talks with the families to whom he served and confirms his experience with the children. If someone you trust can recommend it, it is the best guarantee.

2. Organize the interview

Prepare the interview you will have with the possible candidate or candidate. Ask all the questions you think are necessary to feel that you are the right person. Ask about his work as a caregiver, why he continued or not working with these families, above all, how he knows how to deal with different situations. Find out what he thinks about issues such as physical punishment.

3. Check education and good presence

It is important that the caregiver has a good presence when attending the interview. Good presence is not dressing in expensive costumes, what you should make sure is that it is neat, tidy and that you know how to dress appropriately for the occasion. You must also show that you are an educated person with values. Remember that your children will learn from her.

3. Take a small test

Do a test of a few minutes at home, to see what reaction you have with your child and vice versa. Make sure the child feels sympathy with the person. See if you are comfortable, calm and safe from the beginning. You cannot force any relationship between them, since your process of separation from the child can be affected.

4. Confirm your schedule availability

From the interview, you should know how long you are willing to provide your services. Confirm that it may be punctual at the time of arrival and departure you need to be in the care of your children. If you have problems with the schedule, which do not adapt to your work rate, evaluate if it is better to interview another candidate.

5. Inform your rules and conditions

From the interview to choose a caregiver, the candidate should know what you expect from her. What should be the care of the baby or children, how far their responsibilities go, how to act in case of emergency. If you observe that the candidate has objections on how you want to be dealing with your children, it is better to think of someone else.

6. Ask him to explain his conditions

In the interview, you must explain what your working conditions are. The more specific and detailed the better. If you have some kind of incompatibility with what you’re looking for, maybe it’s not the right person. You must continue the process to choose a caregiver. Remember, there is no rush, you need to find the right person.

To choose the ideal caregiver

If you find that you meet each of these requirements, you are ready to take a more formal test! You can start caring for children for short periods. This way you observe how the person responds and how is the behavior of your children.

In the same way, observe if you are complying with the instructions that you have established. It is important to provide you with a contact number, where you can be informed about any news or just to keep you informed. If you feel satisfied with that test you can go to longer periods.

Finally, even if you choose a great caregiver, remember that he will never replace you as a mother. For many hours that you have to work, the unconditional love your children need can only be given by you. Avoid depriving yourself of the privilege of raising your children, even with the help of a good caregiver. This will undoubtedly bring positive results in this new stage.


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