6 signs that you should go to a sexologist


Yes, a sore subject. For men, sex is akin to the primitive demonstration of dominance: it is impossible to imagine the leader of the pack, who has problems in the den. But the yard is not 50 million BC, but the dreary 2020s, and problems in bed, alas, are not uncommon. Most of them arise due to external factors and irritants, but sometimes they creep up so unnoticed that neither catch, nor control or anticipate them will not work out by any means. We will talk about the most obvious symptoms in which it is time to grab a friend in his arms and run to a specialist. And in such a topic is not a joke.

1. You are no longer interested in sex

It is even strange to imagine such a thing, but from “sex, sex, sex 24/7” to “aaa, sex” takes quite a bit of time. Stress at work or problems in the family – that’s the head constantly clogged up, there’s no time for sex, and here there are negative associations with it. In any case, if you suddenly want to see the release of “Grodno”, rather than spend time with your girlfriend, something goes wrong and you need to contact a specialist.

2. You should not

There is no need to embellish – it is a sad but accurate wording. If you are very impressed with the body of the model with the video, your girlfriend or love from school, but there is no reaction, it may be no longer stress, but something more serious. Most of the problems with erectile dysfunction are treated, and it is not a shame to go to a doctor. I am ashamed to be treated by methods from the Internet.

3. In sex, everything goes wrong

This happens, and there is no one’s guilt – just the passion and light left the relationship. You seem to want to, and have already begun, but suddenly you (or she, or both) become completely tiring, sex turns into a daily routine, life. With such a problem – to a sexologist, a specialist will be able to help overcome the crisis. And this is it.

4. You are fast shooting

Alas and oh, this is not uncommon. Yes, it can be treated without a doctor: foreplay and a second run, exercise, a condom with thickened walls (or with an anesthetic), but sometimes with the help of a doctor you can completely forget about this problem. We are sure that you yourself do not want to strain yourself once again, if you can just take a pill. And again: do not drink anything on advice from the Internet. And if I’ve gotten into the net behind this, look for the unfortunate results of medication – laughter, sin, and the pain of others as one’s own.

5. Injuries experienced before

Violence is a thing, unfortunately, not infrequent in modern society. Victims of sexual abuse, regardless of gender, are in most cases limited in physical proximity. To cope with this kind of problems (in the framework of intimate life) will help a sexologist – psychotherapists do not always understand such problems.

6. Infections and diseases of the genitourinary system

In the “Interns” before your eyes was an example of a specialist who solves all uncomfortable problems. But with sexually transmitted diseases – chronic, neglected and acute – you can go to a sexologist. Moreover, there is a criminal penalty for knowingly infecting a partner with an infection. And when was the last time you checked for hidden pathologies?

Sex and sex life is not a joke, and it is simply irresponsible to treat it frivolously. Sex is the basis of our bestial beginning, and problems in meeting men’s needs will inevitably lead to serious psychological disorders. We advise you neither the doctor nor the clinic, but we strongly do not recommend treating yourself: the stakes are too high to risk.


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