6 reasons that kill your motivation


Each person has a definite goal, which forces him to work not only on achieving it, but also on himself. However, it also happens that, even if at the beginning of your journey you are full of strength and determination to achieve your goals, in the process of working on this, your motivation gradually disappears somewhere. And this is not because you suddenly realized that your aspirations are meaningless, but because you yourself killed her without noticing it. We will tell you about several reasons that gradually destroy your motivation, and you promise us that you will try not to do this again.

1. You perceive any situation negatively.

Watch for yourself. Maybe this horrible habit of a pessimist comes after you: in each case, it’s not important whether it is bad, neutral or good, all the time you see only negative. Even despite the positive outcome, you still scroll through the failure options in your head, or you are looking for something negative in what turned out great. How is this dangerous for you? Firstly, because of this, your level of efficiency drops. And it half affects the outcome of any of your venture. Secondly, the more negative you are looking for, the more it covers your life, and this can lead to an underestimation of your self-esteem. Therefore, here we will advise you to leave the paranoid search for the bad, and perceive any outcome as an experience. This will help you more soberly assess the events happening to you.

2. You envy

Every person in his life must have experienced a feeling of envy. If it is developed so that it works constantly, it is bad. And in general, any manifestations of envy do not have a very good effect on your progress towards your goals, gradually undermining your motivation. How? When you start to envy someone, you immediately forget about everything that you already have, and also instantly deviate from the right course. Someone else’s property or success obscures the view of his life, immediately concentrating the focus on the object that seemed necessary to you. Plus, in envy, the motivation is completely absent, since you just thoughtlessly want to have what you don’t have, and not strive to earn it or earn it yourself. Watch for yourself, and if you suddenly notice in yourselves even the slightest manifestation of this not the most beautiful quality, try to figure out where you got it from. If the desire to have something is so strong, just translate it into the category of your goals. Then the motivation will come back to you.

3. You can not tolerate

As one artist sang: “Teach me the art of being gentle.” So you should learn this. After all, your impatience benefits you will not bring, no matter how much you hope for it. If you think that grabbing at everything is immediately more useful than doing it gradually, then you should be disappointed. Such an image of achieving the goal will not only keep you in place longer, but also lead to emotional burnout. And after him, your motivation to do something will crumble completely. Imagine such a picture: you went to the supermarket, but at the entrance you decided not to take either a basket for food or a cart, thinking that you can carry everything in your hands, because you need to buy not so much. And now you seem to have taken everything, you want to go to the checkout, but at every step you are slowing down, because something may still fall out of the pile in your hands. It is necessary to stop and correct. And then you remembered that you forgot to take a jar of cucumbers. It would seem that you can buy it somewhere else, but you come back for it. And grabbing the coveted cucumbers, you drop your design from the products. The mood is spoiled, I want to leave faster. Meanwhile, if you took a cart or basket, you would slowly, consistently load there everything you need and rush home. Conclusions do it yourself.

4. You have no mini habits

Get close to the big goal with huge steps you are unlikely to succeed. Surely you once went to the mountains. If yes, then you most likely remember that the higher you go, the harder it is to walk. Then you strive to walk in such a way as to properly distribute the load, to facilitate your lifting. And soon you reach the task. And if you were trying to stride wider, you would have exhausted faster and, perhaps, would have turned back. So much for killing your motivation. To achieve any goal you need to have at least a few mini habits that will help you achieve it. For example, you need to read some manual. Read, but not in a hurry – so the information is unlikely to digest in your head. Make it a rule to read two or three chapters a day, while at the same time practicing something else. The main thing is to make sure that they do not occupy most of your day, otherwise it will not be habits, but hard workouts. Remember that they should not be too much. Two to four will be enough. Otherwise, everything will turn out again as in a supermarket.

5. You do not know how to allocate time

One of the main reasons for killing your motivation. After all, time is your main resource, thanks to which you will be able to bring your goal closer. But on the other hand, with its irrational use, it will turn into your main rival. To save your time, and with it your motivation, first of all learn to plan your day. Do not forget even the smallest details, thinking that their insignificance cannot harm you. But everything is possible. Sometimes the little things can turn into big trouble for you. Another tip that will help you manage your time: do not knock down your usual routine. And if you do not have it at all, then you need to develop it. Lie down no later than midnight, wake up at 7 o’clock. Then you will keep yourself and your time in the right form, which will help you to keep motivation.

6. You sit too much on social networks

This, by the way, not only kills your motivation, but also your time, which is so expensive. But if everything is pretty clear with time, how does Instagram or Facebook affect your results? First of all, your ability to express your thoughts correctly and correctly begins to fall, even to yourself. That is, you can not correctly articulate what exactly you want. Secondly, if you follow the success of others on the Internet, you can lower self-esteem, which undoubtedly affects the level of your motivation. So try not to use social networks unnecessarily. And, of course, you should not take so closely all that is happening there. It only leads you astray.


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