6 home treatments for mosquito bites in children


Mosquito bites are annoying. In themselves they should not generate major complications. But when children do not stop scratching, they can become infected. These home treatments will help you to alleviate them.

Mosquitoes or mosquitoes are undoubtedly very annoying insects.  Mosquito populations usually wake up in times of heat and rain, which bothers adults and children. We can help our children when they are stung by these insects with the 6 home treatments for mosquito bites that we propose below.

Although in itself the mosquito bites should not have major consequences, when it comes to children there is an additional ingredient. Children tend to scratch insistently, so they will not easily comply with the recommendation not to do so.

Dust and bacteria accumulate between the nails, which can infect the bite. It will increase inflammation and itching, and that is when they can be complicated. Before that happens, it is possible to apply some homemade measures to alleviate them and help our little ones.

The best home treatments for mosquito bites

But when summer comes and we want to enjoy outdoor walks, we do not want mosquitoes to steal our peace of mind. Even less that they can transmit any of the diseases they can be carriers of. Ideally, they should not bite us. Using natural repellents is the first preventive measure.

But unless we are fully covered, there is always a chance of being bitten. Then, when our children’s blood has become part of the diet of these insects, there are home treatments for very effective mosquito bites to relieve itching and inflammation.

1. Honey of borax

Borage honey is frequently used in oropharyngeal infections. But because of its antiseptic properties it can be used very effectively on mosquito bites that have swollen. Since it has the thick, sticky texture of honey, it will help children to stop scratching.

Generally, this compound is obtained in pharmacies that produce natural treatments or master formulas. The basic formula of 100 grams of borax honey contains 1 gram of sodium borate or boron salt and 79 grams of honey.

2. Cold and heat

The cold and heat on the bite can reduce inflammation. This is a home treatment for mosquito bites very easy to apply, you just need to have a lot of common sense. Why do we say it? Because extreme temperatures can damage the skin, especially children and babies

Then, with much common sense, heat a spoon under the hot tap water and place another spoon in the freezer. When it is already hot, try it first to confirm that it is a bearable heat, that it does not burn.

Put the hot spoon on the bite for a few minutes. Then place the spoon that has cooled down. You can also put some ice on the bite. The joint action of cold and heat can help relieve the bite.

3. Mint

The mint is an aromatic and medicinal herb known for its refreshing taste and health benefits. Although the benefits of peppermint over the respiratory and digestive systems are widely used, it also offers multiple possibilities for skin health.

The freshness of the mint can block itching. Mint can be used to develop home treatments for mosquito bites due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. You can crush the fresh leaves and put them on the bite, or you can also use the essential oil.

4. Basil

Basil is delicious in countless recipes. The Italian cuisine adores! However, it also offers benefits for the skin and for health in general. Inside the homemade recipes for mosquito bites, just crush some fresh basil leaves. Put them on the swollen welts of your little ones.

Basil is a mint family and has been used by Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. As it has antiseptic properties can be used in all types of skin lesions: ulcers, acne, cuts, wounds, and of course, bites. You can also use the essential oil that they sell in health food stores and pharmacies.

5. Chamomile

Chamomile is the medicinal soothing herb par excellence. In the home treatments for mosquito bites cannot be included. Chamomile will help to alleviate the inflammation of the bites because it is rich in flavonoids, luteolin and quercetin.

It can be used topically on the skin because it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties. You can make cold compresses to put on the hives. They can also be used to finish the child’s bath. A sufficient quantity is prepared that is poured over the area bitten by the mosquitoes.

6. Neem oil

Neem or neem is a tropical tree from which oil is extracted, which is widely used by medicine from India and Myanmar (Burma). This oil is used in various ailments. It is especially effective in the treatment of skin problems such as fungus, boils, eczema and ringworm.

Neem oil is a great home treatment for mosquito bites. You can get it in health food stores. You can also boil the leaves of the tree and create an infusion to lie down after the bath.

When you apply this infusion to babies or children, make sure they do not ingest it. The neem leaves have natural toxic elements that it is better to only use topically. That same water of neem is an excellent insect repellent, so it can also be used as Anti flew for pets.


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