6 extreme entertainment that temper your character

Monotonous work, constant problems and the search for their solutions load our brain and do not allow us to think clearly. Productivity falls, stressful situations get on your nerves, and now the emotional crisis comes at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, in order to prevent such a development of events, it is necessary to change the situation in time and try something new. We picked up 6 extreme entertainment that will cheer you up and charge you with bright emotions.

1. Walk on the wing of the aircraft

If the height does not frighten you, and the speed and wind in your face only raise your spirits, then we suggest trying one of the most incredible adventures in your life – a walk along the wing of an airplane. Admit it is better than monotonous pictures from the beach.

Find out if there is such a service in the nearest flying club, check its reliability, and go ahead with a killer dose of adrenaline.

2. Kite boarding

A bright representative of extreme entertainment in the field of air elements. This direction is actively developing in the last decade.

Kite boarding combines the main advantages of board sports. You can ride both on land and on water at any time of the year. The wind and the desire to rise above the earth – all that is needed to have a great weekend and aerate your head from unnecessary thoughts.

But for kiting you need equipment. You can find it in the KiteWorld store – one of the largest online kite boarding stores in USA. It combines a kite portal, a network of schools and a kite shop.

With the help of the kite-portal you will learn a lot about this sport: about where to start, what kind of riding technique suits you and what tricks you can do. There are also detailed reviews of kites and other equipment, so in the KiteWorld store you will be able to choose what suits you. And if you are from the sofa experts, then KiteWorld has a textbook – theoretical knowledge is never superfluous.

3. Sandy Yachting

An option for those who do not like water, but the desire to ride on a yacht does not become less. In this case, an alternative would be sailing on a hard surface. It can be a sandy beach or just a wide plain. All you need is the wind and the desire to have fun.

The mechanism of work is similar to the usual riding on the water: catch the tail wind and enjoy nature.

4. Flying on microlite

Microlight is a hang glider with a motor. In USA, this entertainment is more known as flying a delta carrier. But whatever you call it, the essence does not change. You take to the air with the help of a motor, and with the help of a wing you control the direction of flight.

If a walk along the wing of the plane is not included in your plans, then flying on a microlite will become less extreme, but no less fascinating entertainment.

5. Flyboard

One of the most popular activities of this year. Flyboard – a way to be at the height, and in all senses. With the help of jet shoes you take off into the air and balance with your feet. After you can safely stand in this position, try various tricks: dolphin, tornado or flip.

In addition to the spectacular spectacle, you can improve coordination and just have a great time.

6. Diving with sharks

A peculiar and very extreme safari. There are two types of immersion: in a cage and without. But any of them will surely make your heart beat faster. In order to swim near dangerous predators, you must follow strict rules that guarantee your safety.


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