5 things that reduce your potency


Oh, this potency! Such an unpredictable thing. In adolescence, she is so strong that she literally stands up to everything that looks like female forms in outlines. Well, by middle age she can weaken in such a way that it is more difficult to cause an erection than for the humanities – to solve the problem of strength of materials. A lot affects the potency, and even at a young age, some guys may encounter a problem, popularly referred to as “half past five,” that is, a sluggish sexual organ. There are many reasons for this, and it is worth mentioning them in more detail.

1. Sedentary lifestyle

This is the scourge of modern society. Our ancestors were almost all working day on their feet, and after – they conducted love trainings with their lovers without any problems. Well, we spend almost all our working time sitting in a chair, returning home and sitting down on a chair, relaxing at the computer. Naturally, from such a sedentary lifestyle, blood circulation deteriorates, both in the soft tissues of the penis and testicles, and in the prostate. In addition, there may be stagnant processes that, if left untreated, become chronic and at least deprive you of the ability to have children.

2. Low sexual activity

I heard about the exploits of the fighting monks and decided that worldly temptations are not for you, which means that sex is not needed at all? And you know that these same monks are constantly busy with work and martial arts and sublimate energy. You, leading a sedentary lifestyle, combined with abstinence, cause irreparable harm to your body. Not only does the supply of the pelvic organs worsen with blood, so the inflammatory processes are aggravated due to the lack of “excess energy” discharge. Sex is not only pleasure, but also good training for the whole body. It should deal with them more often to reduce the likelihood of impotence and inflammatory processes.

3. Too tight underwear.

The fact that our testicles are outside to prevent overheating, almost every guy knows. But they forget that it is impossible to overheat or overcool the prostate. Tight underwear, like pants, can pinch blood vessels. Rare wearing of such underwear does not affect men’s health, but frequent – can lead to a gradual deterioration of potency. This can be especially pronounced in adolescence, when the body continues to grow and adapts to external factors.

4. Stress

Almost number one in the charts sausage satiety. Stress worsens the condition of the whole organism, including the reproductive system. It is understandable: when the body is in a stressful situation, then it is clearly not up to the breeding instinct. No need to worry if you did not get up because you specifically blew the brain at work. This is normal. But if problems with potency manifest themselves constantly, then it is worth going to a psychologist so that he prescribes therapy against stress.

5. Bad habits

Most often, problems with potency occur in those who abuse alcohol and smoking. Well, smoking and alcohol together are true friends of impotence. The fact is that alcohol expands blood vessels, forcing the heart to beat in one rhythm, and cigarettes constrict them, and the heart beats in a different rhythm. And this is not like a douche, when you alternately bathe in warm, then cold water, but a very harmful effect. Vessels gradually wear out, due to which the reproductive system may receive an insufficient amount of blood. Ultimately, this can lead to impotence, and this is only a small problem that awaits an amateur to drink and smoke.

As you can see, most of all these factors are associated with a violation of the exchange of blood. Many guys make the wrong choice and start drinking potency-enhancing pills like Viagra. Yes, the effect is, and the potency returns to normal, but for a short time. And after – again, the clock gets up at half past five, and everything is new.


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