5 Reasons Why You Will Always be Fat


World said you’re fat? So it’s time to lose weight! We hope you yourself realize the need. Because everyone who wants to lose weight, oddly enough, loses weight. Even if you do not take into account those people who embarked on the path of losing weight only after they began to tease fat, there are people who painfully want it, but can not achieve. If you with all desire can not lose weight – then the reason in the head.

1. Desire is stronger than need

The physical process of losing weight and, in turn, fat is actually very simple: eat less calories and you will be happy.

Nevertheless, like millions of other people, you are struggling to become an unhealthy and unhappy owner of a chic puz. We do not say that overweight in itself brings people misfortune. Jim Morrison, who had become ugly fat at the end of his life, on the contrary, was in every way praising his bear carcass: “Three months passed, and I began to weigh 84 kilograms. And how great I felt! I felt like a huge mammal, a real beast! When I walked along the corridor or along the lawn, I realized that I could tear anyone out of my way! ” But to assume that a man without a belly is like a flowerbed without flowers is stupid. If you are overweight delivers continuous inconvenience, and each time, crammed with a cake at three o’clock in the morning, you pray with tears in your eyes illuminating your moonlight night to make you thin and handsome, then you need to make changes in life and improve its quality. But you do not do it, even though you are aware, you wish.

What stops you? What prevents to lose weight? Most likely, desire, overcoming need. You have a desire to eat, to please yourself with a variety of tastes, so that each taste bud will feel happy. All these addictive supplements, flavor enhancers and your own lack of organization make you a hostage to food. Until you understand where the line between desire and need is drawn, losing weight will be flour and hard labor for you.

2. Lack of knowledge

How can I pass a driving test if you have never driven the wheel? You can pay money, but you still will not learn to drive. The same with losing weight. You can pump out the fat, swallow the fat-burning pills, ask the shaman to draft the fat out of the perfume from you, but what’s the point if immediately after the procedures you continue to absorb the products, as before, and re-gain weight.

Once again, fat loss is a simple process, but only in that sense, if you know what to do and adhere to the regime. Therefore, to spend your precious time trying to choose a suitable diet, exercise regimen, study the food system.
If you do not do this, then there will be no result. And even if it is, it is very short.

3. You do not care about your health

If you want or you need to lose weight, but there is no result – it says only one thing: you do not value your health. You can justify as much as you want – no one will believe you anyway. If you really cared about him, you would find the time, place and strength to eliminate the problem. The exceptions are people with medical contraindications and diseases. To them no complaints – only wishes to recover.

Although look at them – at sick people with excess weight. Some of them deliberately went to this all their lives. Especially diabetics of the second type. This is a very unpleasant thing. They live with her, but she makes her own unpleasant changes in life.

Worse, you do not care about people who love and care about you. You only care about your own gluttony and the satisfaction of Gargantuele’s needs. You can lisp as much as you like, but by and large you don’t care about them. You have enough of a blow, but they somehow live without you. It sounds very tough and unpleasant, but you have to ask yourself real questions, solve problems in your head in order to change outwardly.

4. This is all bad company to blame.

But not everything depends on you. Very much depends on the environment. It’s just that you and your girlfriend, since you started living together, began to eat shamelessly. Do you know how fast people living together get fat? Especially if the girl was fluffy, she will no doubt feed the beau to her condition.
Well, if it’s not a girl, then maybe it’s your friends, with whom you drink decaliters of beer every week, eat tons of meat and lead an idle sedentary lifestyle. All this, by the way, is deposited in the form of fat.

Scientific fact: people who spend more time together become very similar to each other over time. Even eating them the same habits. Although it is not so much a habit, how much a diagnosis of their personality: they are lazy, they are not interested in fitness, and not a bit interested in health matters. Do they confuse you on purpose to feel better, or did it happen by chance? After all, suffering loves company, right ?!

It is very difficult to come to the realization that some of the people you spend time with have a negative effect on your weight and, ultimately, health. But if all the facts converge to the company, then you need to act. Do not refuse to communicate – just do not go on about their gluttony and interests.

5. You never really tried

Can you sincerely, with your hand on the Bible, say that you really took serious measures to lose weight? Without an ounce of doubt, say that you did everything possible to break the chains of obesity? BUT?

Most people do not admit this, because if they had made maximum efforts, they would hardly have opened this article. There were some attempts, but when it became clear that for the sake of the desired result, a lot of effort would have to be made, the enthusiasm had disappeared somewhere. And here you are left alone with your fat. Folds up like a Michelin man.

So that you understand, all changes begin from within; led by the desire to be different, to change life and to prove that you are still capable of something. But desire alone is not enough, action is needed. Therefore, if you try to get used to the idea that you are destined to always be fat, know that this is not so. You must take responsibility for your future and be responsible for your actions.


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