5 reasons to start exercising


The sedentary life is very comfortable. Many times it is difficult for us to activate to go to training, either to the gym, with a coach, or to exercise from home. What reasons do you need to get going today? Today we are going to review 5 of the most common reasons to start exercising.

1. Toning the arms

One of the aesthetically uglier muscles in a woman’s body when it is not toned is the triceps. The lack of tone in this muscle produces what is colloquially known as “bat wings.”

Getting rid of this unsightly problem has a very easy solution: periodically perform exercises to tone the arms. We recommend these exercises for arms at home. Self-loading exercises such as plates or push-ups are effective for working the arms’ weights and hardening the triceps. You can also buy some material, some exercises with dumbbells, kettle bell or elastic bands are very interesting.

2. Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is a reason for happiness and celebration, but it is also a reason to start exercising. The athlete woman has it easier than the sedentary woman. In either case, gymnastics is recommended for pregnant women.

Some exercises for pregnant women have shown their effectiveness at the time of delivery. Physical exercise is important both in the preparation and in the postpartum period. Methods such as Pilates help pregnant women learn relaxation techniques and train safely. The pelvic muscles or back suffer during pregnancy and special exercises for pregnant women help to prepare the body both for the moment of delivery and to have an easier postpartum.

3. Burn body fat

Maybe this is the main reason of all: get rid of those pounds that we have left and burn body fat. The best way to lose excess fat and lose weight is through the combination of cardiovascular exercise with toning exercises. We recommend this reading if you want to know how to burn body fat.

Some of the most common forms of cardio are: jogging, elliptical or exercise bike in the gym, or group classes such as aerobics (with or without step), Zumba or spinning. Remember that for a routine or cardio session to be effective it must be more than 40 or 45 minutes. It is also important to perform the minimum cardio 2 times per week if you want to see results.

4. Prevent back pain

The prevention or relief of back pain is also a great reason to start exercising. Stretching is especially recommended for both prevention and relief of back pain.

When practicing Pilates, yoga or stretching are some of the disciplines where we will most notice the relief in the area of ​​the back.

5. Eliminate stress

Another great reason, along with burning body fat, is to eliminate stress. The current pace of life makes us live stressed, run from one place to another, etc.

Now, what is the best exercise to eliminate stress? The question is as simple to answer as it is complicated at the same time. The best sports discipline we can do to get rid of stress are: ALL. Yes, you read it right. Any activity or sports discipline stimulates our body to produce endorphins, also known as the hormone of happiness.


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