5 reasons to keep a training diary


Training in the gym for many people has become an integral part of life. A visit to a fitness center is perhaps one of the most important attributes of a successful person’s life, who looks after his health and body shape. But why, then, among amateur athletes, there are so many who go to the gym for months and years, but the body of the dream does not get? There are many factors, but one of the most important is the progression in training. What does it mean? If you, for example, want to increase your biceps, you should gradually increase the load on your biceps in your workouts. If, however, from time to time you take the same weights, the biceps, naturally, will not grow. What you need to do is to write down every workout in detail, progress in weights and repetitions, and you will take the right path. Do not forget about proper nutrition and good sleep,

Here are some weighty arguments that will let you know that keeping a training diary is a reasonable move:

1. Tracking the progression in training. Only by doing more than yesterday you can become stronger.

2. Tracking changes in build. Yes, memories of how you were fat / thin / flabby is also an option, but it is much more convenient to monitor changes for the better by key indicators such as weight, arms and legs girth, chest width, and so on.

3. Collect statistics on training. For example, you can find out what day and time you were the most energetic of all.

4. Self-organization. As soon as you start keeping a training diary, you will become more organized, and this will concern not only the sport, but also everything else.

5. Motivation. It’s nice to open a diary from last year and see how much you have achieved since those times. Admit it, motivates when your biceps has become a few centimeters thicker than before you started to play sports. Or to see that quite recently you barely raised an empty neck, and now you press a hundred. Seeing success, you want to continue to go to the goal.

Previously, the training diary was conducted in a regular notebook or notebook, but this is inconvenient, and the place quickly ends. It is much more convenient to use programs for smartphones. And today we will briefly talk about one of these programs – Gym Book: training notebook for your iPhone.

So, what are the merits of the Gym Book?

1. Easy interface

You could see similar applications that are overloaded with unnecessary details. In the Gym Book, however, minimalism, no heavy animation, and the like – just what an athlete needs. Due to this, the application practically does not plant the battery and can be turned on all the time.

2. Rich functionality

This is worth saying more. Gym Book allows you to create workouts with any number of days, there are also built-in workout programs for various fitness goals (muscle building, fat loss, and others). Also in the application you can plan approaches and repetitions, calculate your repeated maximum, use fitness calculators and so on. At the training session you can add the approaches made with one touch, and the timer itself will count the time of rest. This way you make your workouts as effective as possible.

3. Qualitative analytics

The Gym Book application shows statistics after training. The application also stores the entire history of your workouts and shows statistics on any of them.

4. Big base of exercises

About 300 different weight and cardio exercises with photos and instructions. Feel free to include them in your workouts, because the variety of loads is another factor in muscle growth.

5. Visualization of changes

With the help of the Gym Book application, you can take measurements on body parameters and attach photos to them. Track how your body changes, and you will understand how effective your workout is.


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