5 crossfit exercises that you can do at home


In our time, such a trend in sports, as CrossFit, continues to gain popularity. Multi functional training, which will allow you not only to become stronger, but also to lose weight, if necessary, as well as to develop dexterity, do not have to take place in the gym. Of course, not the whole complex of exercises can be performed at home or in your own yard, but if you do not have enough time to go to a fitness club, then catch advice from us on how to do it alone.

What you need

Naturally, to begin to study at home, you need to prepare. To do this, you will need, firstly, the free space for training. A cluttered room will not be the best alternative to a sports hall. Secondly, you need a small mat or gymnastic mat. Also, do not forget to buy weights, dumbbells, a couple of large jerrycans, a skipping rope, and we think you can find a horizontal bar or a crossbar in the yard. Well, or if the space of the room allows, install it yourself. Everything, you are ready.

Nobody invented a bicycle in the crossfit, except perhaps that it improved and improved it. All exercises are taken from various sports: gymnastics, weightlifting, athletics. Changed only the names and some conditions of implementation. The rest is nothing new.

Now let’s go directly to the exercises themselves:

1. Kipping

Kipping is a pull with a jerk. One of the main features of the crossfit is high speed. This exercise will help you develop it. To perform this exercise, you need to swing your legs backwards, and then sharply throw them forward, while at the same time trying to reach the crossbar with your chin.

2. Jump

This is not an easy jump, as you might think, having translated the name of the exercise. We also call it “explosive squats.” What is the difference from the usual? The fact that you need not just stretch out from a sitting position, straining your buns, but be sure to jump up as high as possible, clapping your hands above your head. There is another kind of “jump”, which is called “explosive push-ups.” The essence is the same, only hands do not have to clap. From the usual position for push-ups, or rather, when you have already lowered your body, you need to abruptly return to the starting position, while pushing your hands off the ground so that you rise higher and your hands stop touching the floor.

3. Burpy

We can say that this exercise is combined “explosive”. First you need to sit down and lean your hands on the floor. Then throw your legs back, taking the pose for pushups. And now, again, take a pose for “jump”, just as sharply pulling the legs, as they were, and jumping out as high as possible, clapping your hands above your head, as if for the last time.

4. Lifting the legs

This exercise is performed on the crossbar. You have to hang on it, like a log in calm weather, that is, swaying is not allowed, and the body’s natural slight oscillations are normal. Bend your legs and begin to tighten them to the stomach, but only so that your body remains motionless. Only abdominal muscles should work. And this should be done as quickly as possible, because you have not forgotten that a crossfit involves a large number of executions in a short time? This exercise can be complicated as follows: lift straight legs up, but always at a right angle. You didn’t think it would be easy?

5. Bear walk

We considered almost all the exercises that can be performed at home. To this complex, you can also add jumps with a rope and cravings to the chest with a weight or dumbbells, not for nothing that you bought them. The complex of exercises on the street is the same, only running is added, push-ups on the bars, and jumping on the bench. But the key will be a “bear walk”. You need to rest your hands on the ground, holding up your buttocks high. And start striding forward in this position. At the same time it is necessary to simultaneously move the arm and leg of one of the parties. It will be hard, but useful.

And do not forget that the primary task of the crossfit is the correct implementation of all the exercises, and only then – speed and dexterity. And even if you have never done it, these exercises are perfect for a beginner who has decided to test his strength.


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