5 causes of constant fatigue and lack of inspiration

Fatigue – a concept known to all of us. But the saddest thing is that with age you begin to notice more and more often that the former heroic distance is no longer enough. Especially if the serene youthful years were replaced by work, family and other, natural things for any maturing person.

And it would seem that after 18 forces it will not become less, and even vice versa: you will feel great until at least 30–40 years old. And here we are faced with a harsh reality: over time, work begins to take more and more energy, you begin to increasingly refuse entertainment, night festivities, trips, get-togethers with friends and even simple outings.

What is especially frustrating, chronic fatigue goes hand in hand with a lack of inspiration. That is, in fact, we have not only physical, but mental exhaustion. Surely you have come across something like this: you get up in the morning on the weekend and seem to have a good rest, and it seems like you want to do something useful, but in the end you sit at the computer all day. And it would be possible to do something creative behind this shaitan-machine, but the hands do not rise, the convolutions do not move.

And even if it seems to you that this is specifically you are such a person, that this is your peculiarity and everything is normal, then we are ready to argue that no, everything is not so. And this may be completely different reasons, which we now tell.

Poor sleep

The sooner you go to bed, the better. How many articles have already been written on the topic of what needs to be sent to the embrace of Morpheus before 22.00, and many still do not believe. Because they did not try. Of course, there’s more than one time, but at least a week in this mode to survive, and the changes will not keep you waiting. You will get up at 4-6 in the morning to sleep and full of energy. Verified

True, in the fight against fatigue may interfere not only your dressing composition, but also the atmosphere in the room. In the stuffy and musty mansion with all the desire to sleep will be difficult. Just because the body and the brain need a constant supply of fresh, clean air.

Bad air

And this applies not only to the period of sleep, but also to wakefulness. If, for example, at work in an office you already feel drowsy for dinner, then something is wrong. And the reason may lie just in high humidity, in excessive dryness, in an excess of carbon dioxide and a lack of oxygen.

Oxygen is the source of energy for our bodies. Taking it from the air, the lungs saturate the blood with oxygen, and it nourishes our tissues, organs and, of course, nerve cells. And if there is too much dust, CO2 and other gases in the air, then you immediately feel sleepy, the head becomes heavy, and thoughts become lethargic. Because proper nutrition ceases to receive all the mechanisms of your body.

As a rule, this is the main and most common cause of fatigue. But, fortunately, it is possible to solve it quickly and efficiently. And this problem should be solved first of all in order to exclude all other possible factors.

In addition to airing the room and maintaining a comfortable temperature, which, by the way, is not always possible, it is worth using professional air purifiers. Look at the Tion products – these guys are not just selling devices, but also specialize in research and development in the field of ventilation, air cleaning and disinfection.

What do they offer? A whole set of various devices for “smart” control of indoor climate. This base stations, and sensors, and air purifiers. We are with you, first of all, interested in their Tion 3S and Tion O2 breathers .

The breather is a compact inlet ventilation with heating, air purification and smart control from a smartphone. Breather delivers fresh clean air from the street, effectively ventilate the room even with the windows closed.

Breather is installed indoors with the windows closed and takes care of the atmosphere. Just list its functions:

  • Heats the air to the desired temperature.
  • Filters harmful gases
  • Filters dust and small particles.
  • Cleans the air from odors
  • Provides the room with the necessary amount of oxygen
  • Provides air re circulation

Thus, one such device can save you from harmful street air, noise (because the windows are closed) and the need to air the room. By the way, allergy sufferers will find particular benefit in breathers. You should also not worry about the installation: Tion masters work all over the world and produce it for an hour in any locations, apartments or offices.

Each model has several complete sets (depending on needs) and the possibility of additional equipment in the form of auxiliary sensors, an air purifier and an air monitoring system and control of all Magic Air devices. It automatically adjusts the operation of all HVAC equipment, collects data on air quality and sends them to the application on a smartphone, from which you can also adjust the entire system separately for each room or all at once in a couple of clicks.

Improper diet and lack of physical activity

Food gives three things: energy, vitamins and ordinary pleasure. With the latter, everything is simple: try to eat one potato for a week (or whatever you like there) – by the end of the experiment you don’t want to look at it. No enjoyment – no dopamine. As a result – emotional decline.

With energy a little harder. The body will not accept its surplus, and the deficiency will not be felt clearly enough. In both cases, you should change your diet to a varied and with a uniform ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. But the most important thing is to start spending energy vigorously. Though you decide the diffuses, at least go to the rocking chair (this is preferable, but you can limit yourself to home workouts).

Where it leads? In case of excess energy from food – to the fact that the body will begin to use the previously unnecessary energy. In the most successful case, it will begin to move into muscle mass. Did you notice that people involved in sports are themselves quite active in everyday life? Here you go.

But if there is a lack of energy, then the body cleans up that it has been actively used and will bring its state back to normal. Your reserve of strength will increase, and you will notice that fatigue does not appear, even if you busy all day. And in general, physical training is extremely positive for the brain. Even a simple daily run increases productivity, strengthens blood vessels, contributes to the development of the necessary hormones and improves the performance of all parts of the brain.

Psychological habits

Do not forget that the reason may be psychological. Perhaps fatigue and the lack of creativity have become just a habit, a natural state that only seems to be normal, not being such.

Look: fatigue can be closely associated with procrastination and laziness. If you haven’t done anything for a long period of time that strained your body or muscle, then the brain, don’t be a fool, will take advantage of it. No wonder: why spend resources on some kind of “unnecessary” tasks? The task of the brain is not to waste energy, not to accumulate it, but to save it. For the basic needs of the body. And if you do not leave these basic limits for some time, the upper bar gradually decreases.

For you, this becomes the norm, and at the thought of any kind of activity (mental or physical) you become depressed, and immediately a treacherous feeling of fatigue appears. But this is not fatigue – this is optimization, let’s say, of energy consumption. You just don’t realize it. Solution: overcome yourself and through “I do not want” to begin to raise the bar of productivity.

Lack of variety

It is rather a common cause. We mean that fatigue can appear because a person is really tired. From everyday life, from monotonous leisure and work of the same type, from the absence of changes. Even the same interior can negatively affect your condition over time! So not only will you hate everything, but you will also fall into depression. So you need to act ahead of the curve. First of all, try not to repeat in all aspects of your life: visit different places, choose new routes, make unexpected acquaintances, get various information, study something new on the same computer (IT, Web, design, 3D-modeling, installation ); Try to learn and apply new skills in your work and life. Our brain is prone to diversity. And here the paradox suggests itself: life takes away, but it also gives us energy.


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