5 Body Parts That You Should Focus


This article is about health, so those who came to find out about the places that need to be influenced and pressed to achieve their goal will be disappointed. Although, if you literally put pressure on your knee with a weight, most likely the unfortunate peasant will give up and sign everything you want. So, ladies and gentlemen, here is not about the subtle mental threads, pulling which you can get your way. Here more about male injuries and sores.

But seriously, we recommend to pay as much attention as possible to these places. Even if you are familiar with sports, as with Psarantonis (because no one, alas, knows Psarantonis), and you think that deadlift is a term from physics, read it anyway. These places are fragile, no matter how active you are. Sooner or later they will remind of themselves. But there is a way to avoid this.

1. Lower back

There is nothing surprising if in your 25 years you feel at least 50. Not because you’ve seen life, but because of obsessive pain in your lower back. This is not your ass blazing from the surrealistic madness prevailing around (Shurygin doesn’t leave the screens for a second week, taxes are rising). All this is nothing but a consequence of the many hours of daily sitting at a desk in a hard chair and in one crooked pose. The back does not forgive this. And it’s okay if the case was limited to some radiculitis – it’s still a generals disease, but problems arise even with the abdominal muscles and in the thighs.

If you are already doing some exercises, then do not slow down. Just diversify your diet with yoga exercises. Oddly enough, but it is a great way to stretch your back, bring the muscles of the back of her in tone. Some positions and exercises from the outside will look strange, but when it comes to health, it doesn’t matter what they think of others. Stand on all fours, stretch your back in an arc like a bristling cat, then lower it. And so several times.

2. Hamstrings

It is possible that you have invested a lot of time and effort to turn your legs from two macaroni into meat-covered chicken legs. But if he did not pay enough attention to the tendons, did not knead and did not stretch them properly, then it is quite possible that they will still make themselves felt. However, in order to feel their capriciousness in the form of aching pain in the back of the knee, it is not necessary to play sports.

To avoid this unenviable fate, you need how to work with this place. Stretching, rotation – as in physical education class. Do you remember the exercise? Feet together, socks together, at the expense of “one” we make bends forward, at the expense of “three” we return to the starting position. The main thing – do not bend the legs. And this is the easiest exercise.

More attention to the legs. Even exercises that stretch and tone the muscles of the hips, at the same time knead the hamstrings. Even debility swinging straight legs – an exercise in the style of animators with pop music – do not give them a reason to whine. And do not forget to drink as much water as possible – your tendons and joints (as well as the entire body) need such a simple nourishing lubricant.

3. The calf muscle

If we talk about really weak points, both externally and in fact, this is a gastrocnemius muscle. Whoever was accused of being thin, like a cock’s feet, calves: both genetics and ignored day of the legs in a rocking chair. Do you want a powerful calf muscle – go to the ballet. Then it will be disproportionately large and solid, like a stone.

The problem of these muscles is not only in appearance, but also in painful sensations that may arise from time to time. The reasons for this can be a lot, starting with the ordinary strain and ending with the disease of the arteries of the lower leg. It happens that the eggs seize cramps, which is also not very pleasant, and it’s good if the cause was banal dehydration. Of course, in the case of illness you need to run to the doctor, and the rest will help physical education. Again, stretch the muscle, as it did not stretch even the chewed gum. There is a good exercise: one leg remains on the floor, the second rests against the wall, and then simply: bend the raised leg at the knee, thereby stretching the back surface of the leg. The second leg, of course, remains fixedly attached to the floor. It can be even simpler: pull the sock upward until you feel how the calf has calmed down from the strain.

In general, the calves are good for any ankle exercises (though rotation, even stretching) and elementary walking. Volumes of Phil Heath, they will not reach, but will at least be healthy.

4. Shoulders

It turns out that the most gentle and traumatic parts of the body are the shoulders and knees. It’s clear with the knees: if they don’t bother now, they’ll let know about themselves later, and shoulders will surely seem unexpected to someone. But it is a fact. The reason may be: incorrect technique of exercise, joint problems, mechanical injuries and their consequences (bruises, sprains, fractures, etc.), overestimation of your own strength (when you grab the weight that you, sorry for the pun, not on the shoulder ) and a bunch of other health problems. Even heavy bags from the store can do damage. So what to talk about sports and illness, if podlyany are waiting for us in everyday life. A lot of reasons, and difficult to deal with the source. You need to carefully calculate the load and, before lifting the weight or doing the camp, do not hesitate to consult with the coaches, because how to hurt your shoulder in training – just spit. So save yourself from injury and increase the benefits of the exercises themselves.

5. Knees

To injure your knee you don’t need to be a genius. Here, again, the cause of hypothermia, bruises, fractures, arrogance, the wrong technique to do the exercises, and for people who are into sports and in a whisper, is a sedentary lifestyle. These terrible pains, and sometimes without medication can not do. This is not a notorious arrow in your knee, but life. The joints are erased, the knees break, so with constant pain you need to go for a consultation. Prescribed expensive pills, shots, and all this will stand in a pretty penny. Mind you, knees are a disease of the rich.

Therefore, the best way is to listen to your body and take emergency measures at the first symptoms. When you feel that something is wrong with your knee, do not rely on chance – it will not pass without a trace. You may need to take a two-week break in the exercises and start doing stretching after a workout to improve recovery.

And for people who are not involved in sports, we advise the opposite: at least begin to squat. At least 50 times a day. Give your knees at least a minimum load, and this will be enough not to remember them as long as possible. And the water – where do without it.


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