4 ways to pump your arms without barbells, dumbbells and simulators


Well, not everyone can go to the gym and buy dumbbells with barbells. There are various reasons for this: religion is not allowed to someone, mom to someone, money to someone, and living space dimensions to someone. But everyone wants to be strong and healthy, and with beautiful muscular arms. Even in the winter. But there is a way to make your hands strong, like Jackie Chan, and without simulators, dumbbells and impulsive onanism. It is enough to find chairs or any beautiful one and you need a stick sticking in the street and … No, you still have to explain in more detail.

Custom Pushups

It has been known for more than one thousand years that push-ups are an excellent, time-tested way to blow up your arms and turn them into a grooved mountain covered with skin-covered meat, even without resorting to weights and dumbbells. But even such an effective exercise can be complicated, not for nothing that there are so many types of different push-ups. For example, this is a classic exercise for armwrestlers. All that is needed is to place the arms not at the width of the shoulders and not wider than the shoulders, but to place the palms in front of the chest, shifting the entire support to almost one point. At the same time during the push-ups try not to plant your elbows to the sides, but to press them to the body as much as possible.

The essence of the exercise is that the main burden will fall on the triceps, not the chest and shoulders. And remember, the closer the palms are to each other, the harder the exercise. Do not forget, to keep the balance in this position is much more difficult. Although for these purposes there is one more modernization – when you descend, roll onto your side, then try to rise from this position and fall down on the other. Of course, no need to fall, no need to roll on the floor, you need to try to do it as carefully as possible.

The best exercise on the uneven bars

Good old bars. Specifically, this exercise makes the triceps a work of art and well pumps the shoulder girdle.

All you need is to clasp the handrails with your hands, stand on straight arms and begin to bend your elbows in a hanging position, returning to the starting position. At the same time, try not to have your hands in front of you, but a little set back. Then the triceps will give you tremendous gratitude for such a contribution to their development.

As a matter of fact, if there were no bars nearby, and going to fitness is lazy and expensive, then you can completely replace them with two stable chairs, or something more stable and with a large gap.

Remember: the more you bend your elbows and lower you fall – the greater the load. If you are with a sport on “you” and a whisper, and serious workloads for your untrained body are akin to execution, then you can just stand on straight arms, or, if the bars allow, do not pull your legs. Let rests on the floor, it’s not scary.

Pull-ups to help

When it comes to building serious biceps, there is nothing better than regular pull-ups. At the same time, not only your hands are pumped up, because pulling up strains a very large percentage of the body, but the biggest load is still on the biceps.

Then fit any pull-ups with any grip. It is not necessary to stretch upwards, it is possible from the chest, and not necessarily on the horizontal bar. It is quite possible to take gymnastic rings or grab hold of any crossbar that hangs down at the level of the knees, put your feet up and bend your elbows, pull up your mighty chest to it. Of course, you need to hang not over her, but under her, otherwise it will turn into a push-up.

Want to go up a notch?

The secret of many exercises is that they can always be improved and tailored to your physical level. If any of these exercises seem too easy for you, try to do them more slowly, almost in a slow way, so that your muscles tighten up even harder. For example, during push-ups, try to go down and rise in 3-5 seconds to complicate the work for yourself and the triceps, and at the same time to get more benefits from the workout. And as a reward – embossed hands and compliments from the environment.


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