4 ways to make your friends feel special


Let’s highlight the 4 ways in which you can make your friends feel that their friendship is as special to them as it is to you.

Pay attention

Pay attention to what your friends like or do not like, their personal style, what they do not have or need, their favorite things (like their favorite singer or actor, their favorite store or colors)

Note the small clues that your friend can give you or the items he is attracted to when they buy together.

Pay attention to what makes her happy. Then use those clues as a guide to select gifts for your friend or plan time together.

For example, my friend Ana only uses gold jewelry. Then, I make sure never to give him bracelets or silver earrings.

Maria often gives me gifts from my favorite store – which connects me to where I used to live (and I love that) Pay attention to the small details.

Make time for them

Often with your friends, you really have good memories of times you have spent together instead of “things” from the times you have spent together that say you value your friendship enough to share your most limited resource – the hours of the day.

Clean up your schedule and focus on how you can spend time together ignoring your cell phone.

Do not call work. Just spend time together – and enough time for them to catch up on all the pending conversation and immerse themselves in those discussions about the things they share and what happens in life and hopes and dreams.

Make memories together – whether it’s an escape from friends, a spa day together or just one day sitting at the table sharing a coffee and talking.

Surprise them

We love surprises – good surprises!

Send a handwritten letter with a message from the heart. Give her a gift for no reason – simply because you appreciate her and value her friendship.

Leave a bouquet of flowers outside the door or in your office. Find a babysitter for your baby and plan a dinner or an adventure together.

Leave nice notes on your desk or in your kitchen. Gather your friends together for a surprise dinner together.

Anticipate your needs

Is your best friend going to run her first marathon? Well that’s the best time to give her a gift related to something to run – like a basket with socks, a bottle of water and running clothes.

Is your friend going to get married, have a baby or find a new job? What gifts can make your transition easier? Or what can you do to help her prepare for those changes in life?

If she goes on vacation, surprise her with some good books or magazines to read on the flight or on the beach-

Does she need some care? Plan a spa day or send some bubbly products for the bath a few very feminine things.

Think about things that she may not buy or do on her own but that would make her feel special – that’s the goal!


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