4 varieties of tea that are good for men’s health

The popularity of tea is hard to dispute. They drink it every day several times, it perfectly quenches thirst and tones. Each tea is useful in its own way. We want to tell you about 4 varieties of tea that are especially useful for men’s health.

1. Mursala tea

Mursala tea is not the most famous variety of tea, with one of the most useful. The grass from which it is made grows on the mountain tops of Bulgaria and is very rare. So rare that it even entered into the Red Book. Accordingly, Mursalese tea is sold in small batches and is more expensive than usual. But its useful properties deserve to be on your table. Mursala tea is the favorite drink of the inhabitants of the Rhodope Mountains, and these people have always been famous for their longevity. Apparently, they had long since discovered in him the healing qualities that normalize blood pressure and thus reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Doctors also recommend it for the treatment of the respiratory system when coughing or bronchitis. For men, this tea is useful in the presence of a substance that stimulates the production of testosterone. Its regular use increases sexual desire, which is why tea is called “Bulgarian Viagra”. He has also proven himself in the treatment of urinary tract infections and prostatitis, as well as diseases of the liver and kidneys.

2. Chinese Oolong

Chinese Oolong tea is a green tea that contains a lot of zinc, tannin, antioxidants, flavonoids and other substances that are beneficial to the male body. Such a vitamin platter has a good effect on immunity, improving blood flow and increasing brain activity. In addition, Chinese Oolong is the enemy of cancer cells, preventing their appearance. The zinc contained in it promotes the production of sex hormones. Daily intake of this tea will provide the necessary level of testosterone and improve potency. And for even more effect, you can add a little ginger to it. Chinese oolong tea has a rich taste and aroma, but do not abuse them. In tea there is caffeine, which in large quantities is harmful to the body. Therefore, the daily rate should not exceed 500 ml.

3. Karkade

A delicious ruby-colored drink that reduces stress and tones the body. Have you thought about wine? No, buddy, this is hibiscus tea — a tea with a pleasant taste and sweet aroma, which is made from dried hibiscus flowers. However, it is still very useful. And not only for men. Carcade is rich in vitamins and amino acids. It promotes the removal of toxins from the body, cell renewal and prevents the deposition of cholesterol. But since you are reading this article, you probably want to know how beneficial carcade affects male health. So much so that with regular drinking he increases libido and increases libido. After all, the reproductive function of a man is directly dependent on the general condition of the body, and with the maintenance of the latter, as we found out, the carcade does a great job.

4. Ivan Tea

The male component of this tea is laid even in its name. Ivan-tea is a reliable friend of the male body, which maintains its tone and boosts immunity. This property stimulates the production of male hormones, which improves sexual energy. In addition, the use of willow tea strengthens the blood vessels, which also has a positive effect on the potency.

And the fact that this drink cleanses the body with alcohol poisoning, and does not leave any doubt about its positive qualities. But they do not end there. Ivan-tea is a good prophylactic against prostatitis, as it prevents the occurrence of inflammation in the prostate gland. It is able to normalize the circulatory system of the body due to the production of hemoglobin and maintain acid-base balance in the vessels. Ivan-tea restores metabolism, copes with viruses, and even is a means of preventing the formation of cancer. In addition, it has a pleasant taste and rich aroma, and it can be drunk like regular tea.


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