4 unusual exercises to increase strength

Among the huge amount of exercise on the muscles, there are those that you could hardly see in the gym. Well, or at least seen infrequently. But you have the opportunity to learn about them now. And perhaps you will be the first to do something similar in your room to the surprise of his other visitors or even the coach.

1. Bridge Exercises

Wrestling bridge is used mainly for pumping the neck, but in fact it develops other muscle groups that form the so-called muscle core (press, back, shoulders, buttocks). Besides, it would be nice for you to take care of your neck too. A man’s inflated neck always seemed to be a sign of masculinity. Not even because with her you can better keep a punch or it will be harder to strangle you. Just imagine how ridiculous a guy with a torso and skinny neck looks. But moderately wide neck with muscular relief will create a positive effect even in the absence of other obvious advantages of the figure.

This exercise, like a normal bridge, is performed in a supine position on the back. With each repetition, it is necessary to tear off the pelvis and back from the floor, transferring body weight to the neck. Hands should not touch the floor. Thus, the muscles of the back and neck get a strong load. Start with three sets of 10 repetitions each. Then gradually bring up to five approaches. As soon as you can freely perform 5 sets of 10 times, complicate the exercise by picking up a dumbbell or other heavy projectile.

2. Push up between benches

Perhaps doing this exercise will attract attention in the hall. Nothing, let them look. But it is very effective pumping your shoulders, chest and triceps. And it will happen much faster than with the usual push-ups. Put two benches parallel to each other, and behind the chair secure. Take an emphasis lying, leaning with both hands on each bench, and feet – on a chair. Ask someone in the hall to put a pancake for your barbell on your back. If you feel that the push-ups are too easy, you can increase the weight of the pancake. Just do not put too heavy a load on your back: you must hold your hands confidently, because in this exercise you will not be able to relax on the floor.

3. Pushing a slide

For this exercise you will need the same set of inventory, but without a pancake. Only this time the chair should be closer to the benches. Take the same posture for push-ups as in the previous exercise, but just bend so that the pelvis is pointing upwards. Then start doing pushups, dropping your head below the bench level. Thus, you will increase the amplitude of the movement and increase the load on the muscles. Do in one approach as many repetitions as you can, and then rest 30-60 seconds. After this, make another 3-4 approaches on the same principle.

4. One-handed traction

This exercise involves the muscles of the entire body, but it is best to develop the forearm, shoulders, muscles of the hand, neck and back. Load the neck with pancakes and put it on the side of you. The weight of the projectile should be such that you can not just tear it off the floor, but also hold it for a while. Raise the bar to the level of the belt, slightly bending the arm at the elbow. Then repeat it with the other hand. Perform this exercise regularly, and you will no longer be frightened by your girlfriend’s packages after a busy shopping.

Bonus Exercise: push up with a girl

Your girlfriend always wanted to do fitness together? Now she has this opportunity. Only she will have to play the role of a projectile. But it’s not scary: for her it’s an extra opportunity to embrace you, and for you it’s a good way to build muscle. The method, as you guessed, is simple: you do ordinary push-ups, comfortably resting your girlfriend on your back. We hope she has no problems with overweight, otherwise the problems will arise later on you, but with your back. In fact, this exercise is quite useful, and not only for your relationship. It allows you to get a much greater effect than the usual push-ups, while using the same muscle groups.


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