4 Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques


China is famous for many people: the Great Wall of China, the terracotta army, Feng Shui – you can list the virtues of this beautiful country for a long time. But one of the main Chinese achievements can be considered medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is a collection of modern teachings and practices that originated in ancient China. The basic principle is to treat the patient before he gets sick. But if the person is still ill, then his treatment takes into account individual characteristics and predispositions. If you decide to try ancient medicine, then here are the main methods of treatment that are worth paying attention to.


Acupuncture (acupuncture) is a direction in traditional Chinese medicine in which the effects on the body are carried out with special needles by introducing them to particular points on the body and manipulating them. This treatment method has a large health spectrum and is used in the treatment of insomnia, osteochondrosis, hernia, arthritis, arthrosis, hair loss and other difficult cases.

How does acupuncture restore health in the human body? By certain manipulations with points that are on the meridians (areas of circulation of vital energy). A number of health organizations, including the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health, have positively responded to the benefits of this treatment.

Acupuncture is not a panacea and is not a placebo and, like any other treatment method, has contraindications. Here are some of them: fever, some infections, fractures. For a detailed list and individual advice is better to contact a specialist.


The method of acupressure is the effect of fingers on biologically active points (BAP), as they contain large clusters of nerve endings. This is one of the oldest methods of treatment in Chinese medicine, and today scientists and specialists have described about 700 BAHT, but most often 150 are used on average, because the principle of choosing BAHT is not universal – an individual approach to each patient is important here, based on its structure. body and disease.

Chinese foot massage

The method of acupressure is similar to the Chinese foot massage. It was handed down from generation to generation and word of mouth, and in the 4th and 3th centuries BC found its place in the Moism. Moizm is an ancient Chinese philosophical school that sought to improve society through knowledge. And this is not surprising, because traditional Chinese medicine is based on the study of the functioning of the human body and the systematization of these observations. As well as on the whole body, there are biologically active points on the feet (over 60). Their stimulation by pressure allows you to relax and fight with many diseases.

Chinese massage Guasha

For the first time the mention of such a direction in Chinese medicine was found in the commentary of Gongyang to the annals of “Spring and Autumn”, which is about 550 BC. During the excavations, special-shaped scrapers were found, which were intended for Gouache massage. Most often they were made of jade, which is not surprising, because the Chinese consider it a stone of life. At the moment there are three types of massage Gouache: cosmetic (elimination of cosmetic defects), prophylactic (carried out to prevent diseases) and therapeutic and diagnostic (for the detection and treatment of diseases).

How it works? Irritation of skin receptors with special scrapers causes a powerful healing effect, microcirculation of tissues of the face and body is restored. In addition to treatment, Guasha massage is used to improve well-being, increase productivity, physical and creative activity.


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