3 Healthy Nutrition Programs

Do you remember how in your childhood they tried to feed you with all sorts of right foods, motivating it with being healthy, growing up strong and healthy? And you know, this is true. Of course, the idea of ​​proper nutrition in families is different: for someone it is porridge and dairy products, and for another – just the lack of a carbohydrate loading dose in the daily diet. But if we talk about really proper nutrition, then it is compiled only by an experienced nutritionist, and not on the advice of sofa experts from the Internet.

Today we will talk about Smart Calories, which offers ready-made useful menus or makes them according to your wishes, prepares food and delivers you to your home. Getting started to eat right is very simple: place an order on the website or by phone, pay with a card or cash to the courier, and everyone, enjoy tasty and healthy food. And you can choose dishes from more than 40 options, make adjustments to the menu and freeze the program, if necessary.

Once again, we note that the diet consists of a nutritionist, taking into account your wishes in food and other parameters that will need to be specified during the ordering process.

What gives such food? First, the benefits. You will feel better, improve immunity, improve your mood. Secondly, you will not need to spend time searching for quality products and cooking. Third, more than 500 recipes. You will eat a variety of dishes prepared by experienced chefs. Fourthly, the absence of harmful ingredients and components that interfere with normal communication (for example, onions and garlic). Fifth, always fresh dishes.

1. Smart Flash

A program for someone who wants to lose weight. Well suited for a sedentary lifestyle or for someone who wants to diet, while eating delicious. The ration includes 5 meals (breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner), so you’ll be full all day. Dishes from fish, lean meat, poultry, beans, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables. In this program, at least carbohydrates, which means that for losing weight, you do not even have to do exercises. The daily amount of calories is only 1,200 – 1,300 calories. In addition to losing weight, you will get used to eating often in small portions, which benefits the body.

2. Smart Lifestyle

In this program, the calories in a half to two times more than the previous one (1 800 – 2 500), and it is suitable for maintaining good shape. Following the program Smart Lifestyle, you will improve your health and mood, you will raise your performance. The menu consists of 50 unique dishes that, like the program for weight loss, include meat, fish, poultry, beans, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables. Unlike the weight loss program, Smart Lifestyle has much more carbohydrates in its composition (there are 220 grams in the menu for 2,000 kilocalories). That is why this program is more suitable for people leading an active lifestyle and paying sports at least a few hours a week.

3. Smart Iron Man

If you train on an ongoing basis, you need a lot of calories to restore your body, then you can choose the program Smart Iron Man. The program for 2,300–3,000 calories consists of days where proteins (40% of the total diet) or carbohydrates (60% of the total diet) prevail. Thus, the muscles are maintained in good shape, digestion works more correctly than on pure protein diets. The program includes: poultry, beef, beans, cottage cheese, nuts, seeds, cereals, vegetables and a small amount of fruit. There is no sugar, and the dishes are prepared with a minimum amount of butter. By the way, the program is made taking into account your workouts, and if you change the mode, then do not forget to inform the employees of the company Smart Calories, so that they adjust your diet. And if you missed the workout, the staff will tell you


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