3 Meat Diets: Eat like a caveman


We have already told you how the cave guys were so healthy and resilient, and even advised you how to change your training program and diet to go back to basics and be healthier. If even primitive people could survive on a diet based on meat, then why are we worse off? One thought of such an idea would terrify any vegetarian. If you are the guy who only needs more meat and potatoes for happiness, then the best diets for you can’t be imagined!

1. Primitive Diet

Primitive children, as you remember from the lessons of history, were engaged in hunting and gathering: this is all they could feed themselves. Such a diet includes everything that you could gather and catch if you were running through the fields and forests, shaking you with a spear and wearing a lion’s skin. To do this, grain, dairy products, sugar and canned foods will have to be excluded, because there was nothing like this in the Paleolithic era. In general, we eat, as in the distant past.

2. Seven-day diet

The whole point of such a diet is the alternation of fruit, vegetable, and meat days, you hear, bro, meat! The first four days will have to sit on vegetables and fruits. On Monday, only fruits, on Tuesday – only vegetables, on Wednesday we combine, and on Thursday we restrict ourselves to five bananas and five glasses of milk. And the end of the week – meat! On the day, you can eat four steaks of beef, chicken or fish to choose from and plenty of green vegetables. Beauty!

3. Atkins diet

There is a complex process, which is divided into four phases. The first – the initial and most ascetic – at a time you can eat 150 grams of meat, but anyone: pork, beef, chicken, turkey or fish. A day you can eat 100 grams of cheese and vegetables with low carbohydrate content. The first phase is so hardcore that during it you can throw off 2-4 kilograms per week. It is almost like liposuction.


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