24 Health and Fitness Tips that Actually Work


You know, weight loss should not be difficult. You are not a Young schoolgirl, under which the scales periodically break. You will not fit a hard diet, because you will break in two days and order yourself a pizza and a liter of beer at home. We will give you some tips, using which you can easily get rid of excess weight.

1. Drink water

This rule you should remember before eating. It is best to drink water before and after 2 hours after eating. The simple, clean water you drink before a meal prevents insulin levels from rising.

2. Eat from small plates


It is often advised slimming ladies, and it really works. The diameter of the perfect dish for you – 20 centimeters. So you can consume less food than usual.

3. Take your time

Spend on food intake at least 15 minutes. Slowly chew on food, you can even enjoy the process. So you can fool your body and cause a feeling of fullness.

4. Do not give in

It is difficult, but try not to give in to your desires. Wanted pies – be patient for at least 20 minutes, perhaps, the desire will evaporate.

5. Fall in love with stairs

You prefer to ride the elevator than walk a few floors. It’s time to get rid of this habit. Going upstairs, you burn an average of 10 calories per minute. If you always ignore the elevator (except when you need to raise the piano on the 15th floor), in about a year you will lose a couple of kilos.

6. Watch your emotions

Your emotional state is directly dependent on the amount of food consumed. So if you are depressed, try to follow what you eat. Better yet, call a friend and go for a walk with him or just pour out someone’s soul.

7. Do not forget a dream

About quality sleep. You should sleep at least 7 hours a day. Due to fatigue, you can skip a workout and get addicted to snacking.

8. Dress properly

Try to resort to fitting clothes more often, at least within the walls of your own home. When you put on something baggy, you do not notice the shortcomings of your body. In turn, tight-fitting T-shirt can make you think about the absurdity and fullness of your figure.

9. Clean food

Have you eaten? Fine! Now get up and hide food to hell. Her scent can provoke you to another meal.

10. Find an incentive

You will have more chances to lose weight if you find an incentive for yourself. Just imagine how a girlfriend pounces on you when she sees your pumped up body, not a fat body.

11. Benefit from TV

Watching TV is not always bad. Television can help you with body shaping, if while watching your favorite shows you will do the exercises. At least during the advertising, do squats. You have enough for a start and 20 minutes – that’s about 10 videos.

12. Have breakfast

We often remind you about this important for your body food intake. Have breakfast within an hour after waking up – this will increase metabolism.

13. Take lunch with you

Do not trade in a local supermarket near the office. More profitable, tastier and healthier to take food from home. Your girlfriend probably has a bunch of thermoses, ask her to collect lunch in the mornings. Take at least buckwheat with chicken or something like that.

14. Eat after six

Or even after nine. The main thing is to keep your distance: there must be at least 12 hours between the last meal and your morning awakening. If you wake up at 7 am, then the last meal should be at 19:00.

15. Avoid salt

Your food should not be tasteless, but why bother with salt? Salt causes bloating, which is not very good, as you know.

16. Do not confuse

You have often heard about the fact that we often confuse the feeling of thirst and hunger. This is actually the case, so before you eat this raw sausage, listen to your body. Maybe you just need to drink tea or water?

17. Choose juicy foods

Melon, tomatoes, celery, pepper – all these products are very juicy, respectively, they have a lot of liquid. With them, you will quickly fill up and rid yourself of bloating.

18. Eat apples

They are tasty and really like your body. They suppress the feeling of hunger in you through an enzyme called pectin. Pectin, in turn, helps control blood sugar levels.

19. Eat sweets every day.

Yes, we were not mistaken. But do not rejoice. You can afford to eat a few pieces of bitter (!) Chocolate a day. This will help avoid eating a whole box of cookies by the end of the work week. At least we would like to hope so.

20. Tie with sugar

It’s like to warm a blond bitch on your shoulder: sooner or later you will understand that she is doing something bad to you. If possible, try to replace sugar with honey, sweets with fruit.

21. Change the oil and mayonnaise

Often smear a delicious sauce on your sandwich? Let’s think of an alternative to mayonnaise? We can suggest using Greek Yogurt, hummus or ground avocado.

22. Keep water with you

You should always have a bottle of clean drinking water with you. It is desirable if it is a glass bottle, it seems to be more useful to drink from it than from a plastic one. More precisely, less harmful.

23. Warm up

Do not sit all 8 hours allotted for work. Periodically get up from your workplace, to walk a little or even squat.

24. Food as a way to communicate

Make a meal out of a meal. It is better to eat with your friends and relatives than with a soulless telly. When you watch a movie or read, you do not follow the amount of food consumed, with friends it will be at least an order of magnitude more fun.

These simple tips can easily remove a couple and even more extra pounds from your fat ass. There is nothing complicated here and all these points can easily become your useful habits.


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