20 tips for weight loss that really work


Do you still believe in fairy tales? If not, then you do it right. But our title is not fiction – we really know a few tricks that will help you, if not reduce, then at least not gain weight. And this time it will not be about fitness or any special diet. All these tips are simple actions that can become part of your lifestyle without in the least disturbing its productivity.

1. Get up from the table with a slight feeling of malnutrition.

It takes 20 minutes for your brain to feel full. Therefore, it is desirable to finish the meal with a slight feeling of hunger. After a specified time, you will most likely understand that you no longer want to eat. Otherwise, your meal will not end until the stomach is full, which will subsequently lead to an uncomfortable feeling of overeating.

2. Share your food

Literally! Cut your lunch into several small pieces and take them separately. The idea is that this will reduce the amount of food consumed. Suppose you have a whole bagel. You can take half from it and divide it into several small pieces. Visually, your portion will seem acceptable. In addition, nutritionists say that every single piece at the psychological level will satisfy your taste needs.

3. Brush your teeth immediately after dinner.

Or after any meal that I planned to do last during the day. You will know that your teeth are clean, and you will have an extra reason not to have something extra, in order to keep the holy covenants of hygiene.

4. Plan your ration for trips

When you go on a business trip or on vacation, you usually break the usual rhythm of life and, as a result, your diet. If at the moment there is no opportunity for a full meal, then you can pull it off with a light snack. Brew instant oatmeal or drink a cup of coffee – the main thing is that it does not strongly contradict your diet.

5. Count the number of your bites.

We are not forcing you to turn your lunch into an arithmetic lesson. But we can not fail to mention the research conducted by scientists of Brigham Young University. During the experiment, a group of students was asked to count the number of daily food bites, and then reduce this number by 20% over the next month. As a result, the subjects lost an average of 2 kilograms each. We do not know whether this method is really so effective or just the students decided to refuse to eat, just not to take their bites.

6. Buy wrapped candy

What kind of candy can you talk about if you are trying to lose weight? Well, let’s say you don’t live alone, but your dinner table is usually decorated with a plate of sweets. In this case, we can advise you to buy candy wrappers. We do not know how you are, but some people who are tempted to take candy, the wrapper can stop. After all, it is still necessary to put her somewhere.

7. Use chopsticks

And not only when you eat Asian food. The sticks slow down the process of eating, and this, as you know, reduces the amount of food eaten. Just do not get carried away with chopsticks too much. If they can not be combined with your current dish, then leave your samurai impulse for another time.

8. Choose the right food in the restaurant.

What to do if you are accustomed to going to restaurants with exclusively kosher food, and your friends invited you to a burger or steak house? The answer is: to fasten and not allow your salivation to control your will. Even if your companions at this time brag about the thickness of their beef cutlets in sandwiches. Nothing, swallow saliva, mentally damn your friends for their provocations and look more closely at the menu. Surely there is something suitable for you: a burger with soy meat or a steak of pressed asparagus – in general, everything that your diet allows you. In the end, you can always effectively leave the restaurant, giving your friends a scornful look.

9. Sit down at the end of the table.

At any large feast where the most delicious dishes are usually placed in the middle of the table. The closer you are to them, the greater the temptation to grab a delicious slice of salami. And now, after all, even more hot will bring! Therefore it is better to sit away. You will not reach it yourself, but you will not want to ask someone again.

10. Shut your kitchen

If it is separated by a door, of course. It is generally unknown how effective this method is, but a closed door can become a psychological barrier. Make it a rule that the kitchen closes, for example, at exactly 7 pm.

11. Enjoy the smells of food.

It really helps. Therefore, at the end of self-cooking, the appetite becomes less. If your girlfriend prepares a delicious dinner, then you can be at the moment in the kitchen – at the same time and help her. The smell of food sends signals to your brain that are remotely similar to those that it receives from eating. This will partially interrupt your appetite.

12. Drink water with additives.

Keep in your fridge water filled with cucumbers, lemons, strawberries, mint or basil. In fact, you will simply quench your thirst without caloric sabotage, while dulling the feeling of hunger.

13. Use the blue plates.

You’ve probably heard that the size of the plate affects the size of the serving. It turns out that it also works with her color. According to experiments conducted by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, participants put 22% less food on the plate if the color of the dishes contrasted with the color of the products. Why precisely blue color? Just you, most likely, do not eat the same products every day. A blue does not match the color with almost any type of food.

14. Avoid diet coke, as well as the usual

In the diet soda is really no sugar and there is a minimum calorie. This allows people who use them to think that these drinks can be drunk in large quantities without harm to the figure. But this is not the case, and if there is no direct negative effect, then there is an indirect one. Frequent consumption of diet soda due to the sweeteners in it provokes an extra craving for foods high in sugar or fat.

15. Use seasonings

They can bring not only gastronomic benefits. Along with a potential reduction in the risk of heart disease and cancer, spicy foods help combat overeating. There is evidence that some spices, including black pepper, activate brain receptors responsible for hunger, which leads to a faster feeling of satiety. As a result, you eat less.

16. Do calorie counting.

The total amount of food consumed per day can not always talk about proper nutrition. Various crackers, chips, nuts, even in small quantities are able to satisfy hunger. At the same time, this food contains a large amount of carbohydrates and has a high calorie content. When making up your diet, make sure that your food is balanced and consists of the optimal amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and also take into account the allowable rate of their daily consumption.

17. Do not keep sweets at home

The best way to resist temptation is to deprive yourself of temptation. If you want to save yourself from the excessive use of sweets, then it is better not to keep them in your home. Then the invisible power of gluttony will not be able to pull you into the kitchen for a new portion of cookies. And to go to the store for this you just do not want.

18. Start with soup

In general, the inclusion of soup in your diet is very useful for reducing the daily portion of calories. Starting a meal with a cup of broth, you significantly reduce the feeling of hunger. The reason is simple: liquid food fills your stomach faster.

19. Learn the menu of the restaurant you are going to go to.

This tip complements the eighth item in our list. Before you go to a restaurant, it would not hurt to explore its menu for the availability of food suitable for you. Having made sure that you do not have to watch the napkin holder on the table all evening, you can safely go to this place. Just be committed to your diet and do not change the choice, seeing how your companions ordered a pork knuckle.

20. Use small glasses for wine.

Wine is one of the most high-calorie foods, which is nevertheless easy to use. Especially, as practice shows, in the presence of large glasses. It turns out that people tend to drink 12% more wine if the glass is of impressive size, and another 12% more if it is suspended during the spill. Therefore, in order to better control your portions, use thinner glasses and put them on the table when you pour the wine.


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