17 makeup tricks for brown eyes


Makeup tricks for brown eyes can be hard to find, right?

There are many make-up tricks for brown eyes everywhere, but there’s no list over there.

So, we’ve compiled the best 17 makeup tricks for brown eyes that will really make your eyes sparkle and sparkle, no matter what shade of brown they have.

1. Metallic tones for brown eyes

This is one of my favorite tricks for brown eyes.

The brown eyes are beautiful, no matter how brown they are, why not make them stand out much more with metallic tones?

Gold, bronze, brown tones and even pink are all colors that can really make your eyes stand out much more!

2. Neutral colors for brown eyes

If you are looking for make-up tricks for brown eyes that are a little more natural, why not use neutral color tones?

The colors gray brown, peach color and even brown are all great colors that go with brown eyes.

Remember, you can only use eyeliner in those colors too, which will really highlight your eyes.

3. White eyeliner

Many people do not think that white eyeliner is attractive, but if you can combine white eyeliner with some metallic tones that would highlight your eyes a lot.

They can look amazing!

Not only the white eyeliner will highlight your brown eyes, but this is a makeup trick for brown eyes that many women do not know.

4. Brilliant

This really works for any eye color.

Adding a little touch of brightness to match the color of your eye shadow can really make your eyes stand out, and this is the ideal makeup trick for brown eyes.

Come on girls, they should add a touch of brightness to their eye shadows.

5. Corrector under the eye

If you have a problem with dark circles under your eyes, there are ways in which you can hide them and make those eyes really stand out.

Just put a little concealer under the eye and then blur, blur and blur.

After that, cover completely with base and you will see how amazing your brown eyes are without those dark circles under them.

6. Dark plum eyeliner

Purple is one of the many colors that go beautifully with brown eyes.

Try this girls, change your brown or black eyeliner for a dark plum eyeliner.

You will instantly see a big difference in how your eyes stand out!

This makeup trick for brown eyes has been around forever, but many women forget about it.

7. Know your color

You must know the tone of your brown eyes.

Whether they are amber brown, dark chocolate brown or light brown, light brown – you must combine eye makeup with the color of your eyes.

Brown eyes come in many different shades!

8. Test with cobalt blue

While many colors of different eyes cannot look this marked color, brown eyes can!

It really allows the color to be brighter and highlights the bright brown of your eyes.

Whether you have light brown or dark eyes, cobalt blue is a very sexy color for your eyes.

9. Aubergine-colored mask

We have named all kinds of colors that go brown eyes, but have you tried with the aubergine colored mask?

Instead of using a dark color, like a black mask, why not change it a little bit?

10. Champagne tones

This is a color that you do not think is used in eye makeup, right?

The champagne eyeliner is ideal for brown eyes, as it is softer than the full white color (which can work in many styles as well) but also highlights the beauty of those brown eyes.

11. Mix it a little

Do not be afraid to mix a little and see what works best for the color of your eyes.

Maybe a black mask with an aubergine-colored eyeliner looks great, maybe the bright blue with gold flecks looks wonderful.

Find what works best for you and what you feel comfortable with.

12. Navy blue

Of course, we’ve already let you know about the benefits of cobalt blue, but I should let you know about the navy blue ones too.

This is a great style for the day, with which you will feel free to use it to go to the office.

You can get a dramatic style with navy blue and use it as a style for the night and it works just as well.

It does not give you the same contrast as cobalt, but it’s there and it looks beautiful.

13. Things to avoid

We’ve already mentioned what you should do, but what about what you should not do?

Using colors like redyellow or green will not be the most flattering for your brown eyes.

This may not be the same for everyone and you should definitely play around with different colors, but I do not suggest you use red, yellow or green.

14. See you monotonous

Another thing that I suggest you do not do if you want your eyes to stand out is to use dark colors.

If you are not determined to make your eyes stand out and focus on your lips, do it and keep things simple.

On the other hand, if you are trying to make your eyes stand out use a little color.

Most girls with brown eyes also have dark hair, so using dark or neutral colors can make you look monotonous.

15. Golden smoky eyes

We all love a good makeup of smoky eyes, but for your brown eyes to shine you should try to get away from the traditional smoky eyes.

Instead of using black or gray, try a golden eye shadow.

It’s a great style and it will make your eyes look beautiful.

16. The rest of your face

If your purpose is to make your eyes stand out, keep the rest of your face a little neutral.

Do not overdo it with blush or lipstick, just focus on your eyes.

Sometimes we let ourselves go a little and we want to make our whole face stand out , but if you choose to give glamor to your eyes, try going for sure with the rest of your face.

17. Pink

This definitely depends on the shade of brown you have, but some girls can really wear the pink eye shadow.

As I mentioned before, it is good to play and mix with several colors to see how it works, but I would definitely try some pink tones.

If you do not want to spend money on a pink eye shadow, why do not you try to buy a palette that has purple and pink?

That way, you know you’re going to use at least half.

And there you have them. The best 17 makeup tricks for brown eyes.


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