15-minute dumbbell workout for those with little time

As you get older, the number of cases increases in direct proportion to your age. You increasingly complain that you don’t even have time to go to dinner, not to the hall. However, when I run into my classmate on the street, I note to myself: “Damn, do I really look the same ?!”. You may look like if you are slaughtering yourself, justifying your passivity by excessive employment. Do not confuse the latter with laziness: everyone goes to work, but some still manage to keep in good shape. Moreover, there are many opportunities for this. And it is not necessary to buy a subscription to the gym, which you will not be able to walk in at the end, or a treadmill, which you will leave gathering dust in the basement.

There are excellent home workout programs with a minimum of inventory and time. We will tell you about one of them right now. But consider, this time no excuses of the type: “I have no time” or “The weather is bad outside.” You can train at home, and it will take a few minutes.

This program is designed in such a way that you do not spend time on rest and complete the whole complex of exercises quickly. Therefore, the work of different groups of muscles of the upper and lower parts of the body alternates here. Time for rest is reserved only between rounds. In each of them you need to perform six exercises in a given pattern, the number of repetitions of each exercise is 10. After completing one with the required number of repetitions, proceed to the next. All training must consist of at least two rounds. If strength allows, you can do more.

1. Thrust with dumbbells

What it is needed for: This exercise activates the work of the hamstrings and muscles of the buttocks, and also strengthens the back. Since you most likely spend most of your day sitting in a sitting position behind the wheel of a car or at your desk, the thrusting with dumbbells, which focuses on the appropriate muscle groups, is a great way to start your workout.

How to do it: Start with light dumbbells. In this exercise, the main thing is to maintain the correct amplitude. Do not bend your back when you drop the dumbbells down, and in the same position slowly straighten up in the original stance.

2. Flexing your arms with standing dumbbells

What is it for: This is a classic and simple exercise that will develop your biceps very effectively. It is simple in terms of the amplitude of performance, and not the load on the muscles. In this sense, the amount of pancakes on your dumbbell can complicate it.

How to do it: Put your feet shoulder-width apart, and straighten your arms at the seams. Keeping your elbows in position, lift the dumbbells alternately with each hand, turning your palm to the ceiling. Keep your back straight and do not move your body.

3. Vertical lift neck

What is it for: This exercise will strengthen and stabilize the shoulders, as well as the upper back. In addition, it will help develop your triceps.

How to do it: Not every house has a neck, so it can be replaced with dumbbells, taking each with a similar grip. Stand up straight, legs apart, shoulder-width apart, and arms wrapped around a dumbbell or neck, palms down. Keeping your back level, lift the projectile vertically to the level of your chest, exposing your elbows up.

4. Squatting with a bench

Why it is needed: This exercise teaches to keep balance, and also ensures the active work of the quadriceps, buttock muscles and thighs.

How to do it: Straighten your arms at the seams, put one foot on the bench behind (at home it can be a sofa). Keeping your back level, make a crouching with a supporting leg with a step forward so that the other knee almost touches the floor. Then return to the starting position.

5. Lifting dumbbells in the prone position

What it is needed for: This is a universal exercise that develops complex biceps, shoulders, triceps, and back muscles.

How to do it: Take a horizontal position, resting your straight arms on the floor, as if you are going to do push-ups, while holding dumbbells in your hands. While doing the exercise, bend one arm in one elbow, pressing the dumbbell to your chest. Hold this for one second and slowly return to the starting position. Then do the same with your other hand. Doing this exercise, try to keep your torso in the maximum motionless state.

6. Side lunge with dumbbells.

What it is needed for: Side lunge makes your legs strong by developing quadriceps, thigh muscles, buttocks, and also improve your flexibility and balance.

How to do it: Bend your elbows, holding the dumbbell at chest level. Then take a wide step to the side, bending the working leg at the knee and shifting your center of gravity onto it. At the same time, the back should remain in a strictly vertical position, and the other leg should be extended to the side. Return to the starting position and do the same on the other leg.


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