15-minute cardio for busy guys

Earlier we wrote about a 15-minute workout with dumbbells for those who do not have enough time for a full-fledged workout. For you, busy, we decided this time to describe a similar training time, but only for the development of cardio. This will help you keep some of your muscles in shape and speed up your metabolism. A fast metabolism, as you know, leads to more burning of calories and elimination of excess weight.

In this 15-minute training program, we want to introduce you to six exercises that can be performed in an optimally short time. Further you will notice that one of the exercises involves a jog in half a kilometer. If you do not have the opportunity to go out because of bad weather or something else, then you can replace running with a more acceptable option. For example, run a few times through the staircase of his entrance. In other cases, you have enough space in the room. Therefore, get up from the couch, turn on your favorite music and start.

1. knee circumference

Why it works: this is a simple exercise that stretches the hamstring, as well as the muscles of the thigh and buttocks.

How to do it : take a horizontal position, leaning back to the floor. Pull up the knee of the right leg to the chest, while the left leg is straight. Then return the right leg to its original position and repeat the same with the left. Perform this exercise, alternating legs.

How many: 10 reps on each side.

2. Lunge forward.

Why it works: this exercise effectively stretches and actively warms up every part of the body. Not for nothing that it is used as an extension in almost any sport.

How to do it: from a standing position, take one foot forward, bending it at the knee so that the second leg knees against the floor. Hold this position for two seconds and then return to the original stand. Do the same on the other leg. Go on, alternating sides.

How many: 10 reps on each side.

3. Squat jumps

Why it works: jumping with squats can develop the famous “flexor trio”: hips, knees and ankles that create complex leg strength. In addition, this exercise is very useful for the cardiovascular system.

How to do it: stand up straight, legs apart shoulder-width apart, and arms outstretched in front of you. Complete the jump, landing on knees bent at the knees, and then from this position perform a new jump. Continue to jump from a sitting position, without pausing between them.

How many: 10 repetitions.

4. Run for 500-800 meters

Why it works: most guys want to look like sprinters, not marathon runners. You agree with this, if you know how they look, and others. Therefore, you need to work quickly and hard.

How to do it: in the first round of the scheme, consider this run as an active warm-up: accordingly, use 60% of your maximum speed, that is, a little faster than a regular run. In the second stage, increase the speed to 80% of the maximum. As a measure of distance, you can use a football field if it is nearby. Two circles around it will provide the required track length.

How much: 500-800 meters.

5. Side jump

Why it works: lateral jumps provide comprehensive development of the muscles of the hips, while increasing the heart rate.

How to do it: stand up on your right foot, your left off from the floor. Squatting on your right leg, from this position, make a jump to the left, landing on the other leg. Then, by doing a squat on it, perform a similar action in the other direction. Between jumps, linger on each leg for three seconds.

How many: 10 reps on each side.

6. Burpi

Why it works: this is a complete exercise for the whole body that combines the use of push ups and jumps. It is designed to increase the intensity of your workout and load the work of the cardiovascular system.

How to do it: Squat on your heels, touching the floor with your hands. From this position, take a horizontal position and do push-ups, and then jump to the highest possible height, stretching your arms upwards. Take the starting position and repeat the cycle.

How many: 10 repetitions.


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