13 nasty habits, because of which you infuriate others

Living in society is unbearable in principle: from a neighbor in public transport it stinks later, the blonde fool stalled at a crossroads, an accountant in the office paints her lips with the reddest lipstick in the world and looks at you like a bucket of KFC wings. You can be annoyed by absolutely everything, even the most insignificant trifle, like a buckle on shoes or a sneeze. But this is a two-edged sword – be sure, you annoy people no less. Here are a damn dozen reasons why people around you want to burn in hell.

1. Crunch joints

If you are the same neurotic who constantly clicks his fingers, congratulations: you annoy everyone. This terrible and intolerable habit causes terrible pictures in the brain of broken fingers, broken joints and old arthritis. For some, this sound is altogether close to the gentle rustle of foam plastic about a knife. Seriously, tie it up! Your miracle body is not interesting to anyone.

2. “Oh, and you do not know …”

No, nobody knows. No one watched this stupid film, did not listen to the moon’s new album (Eispeak, Lokimina, Faith, Gon Fludd) and did not go to a seminar on personal growth. All that you can achieve with a phrase-design with an undercurrent to common knowledge and astonishment of the ignorance of the interlocutor is universal dislike. Stop, and what are you, did not read our material about habits, because of which you will remain alone in old age?

3. Stuffed in the office

Ah, if the value were straight! If you are a woman (or a man) and at the end of the working day in the open-space you splash your neck and wrists with a brand new bottle of fashionable perfume, then you are definitely one (one) of those whom everyone hates. This is a public place – here you should not demonstrate your excellent taste: not everyone can like it, and for some people even cause irritation on the physical level.

4. Gnaw office supplies

We live in a time when you can die of bacteria from a mouse, and you shove it in your mouth. It is unhygienic, impractical and looks disgusting. Everyone even sees the string of saliva stretching from the tooth to the rod. Enough of the unfortunate pen: it kills any desire to communicate with you.

5. Criticize the menu in the restaurant

So why are you still not a chef? These guys knew what they were doing when they opened, and the menu was more than one day. All dishes are selected in one composition and so that the purchase of products is the most profitable and nothing is spoiled; they thought about popular food beforehand. Your high taste and craving for the goitrous gland will satisfy in Paris, since there is always a ticket at one well-known resource at low prices.

6. To talk, having buried in phone

This is at least tactless. Your interlocutor has no idea where you are now mentally, and building a conversation with a zombie is almost impossible. Of course, the tape with cats, advertising of nail-tips and pictures of your former classmate are very important, but not when they want to talk and discuss what is vital with you.

7. Correct the “last” on the “extreme”

The last one is guilty, and the last one is the one at the end of the line. Because someone will say “last”, the doctor or the seller of iPhones will not leave and will not chase everyone who is after, to the devil’s grandmother. And for irritated people, your superstitions are like a red rag for a bull. Kamon, tie with scoops.

8. Advise, advise, advise

Even if you are as confident as possible that your advice is the best thing that can happen in the life of your victim, think again. At least about whether you asked for help. A person in need of help is usually traumatized by his position alone. The extra reminder that there is someone better than him is not the most beautiful gesture on your part.

9. Sitting with legs spread wide.

Yes, Mom taught you that if anything comes, it will be bad. But now you are an adult boy and must understand that the ventilation of your genitals to most people is simply disgusting. If everything is so bad, buy jeans with holes, and if you show everyone what alpha you are, then, alas, you are omega.

10. Speak loudly on the phone.

A little more, and you do not need it at all. Or because you will no longer be able to speak, or you may even have no need for it (and you can hear it) – decide for yourself. A person screaming into the phone is a sign of bellyache or a collective farm. And you, our dear reader, certainly not one of those.

11. Obvious: Serb, Squish, Chomp

We even carried it to a separate point. Any noisy absorption of food – moveton. Yes, this tea is beautiful, and the chicken with buckwheat is especially good, but not enough to turn into a pig?

12. Suddenly stop and slightly arch the body in thought

Believe me, everyone knows what you just did for the atmosphere of our planet. Of course, you cannot break through the ozone layer, but you are able to cure someone from the cold. To fart not in a specially designated place is as terrible as pulling the gifts of nature from the nose and consuming them immediately. Although the process is natural, it is ugly in society.

13. Being late

You are a busy man, you always have a lot of important things to do. True? If you made an appointment, then be kind, come on time, do not make another wait for you: it spoils the mood. This is not only impolite, but also characterizes you as an irresponsible and selfish person, and no one is friends with such.

We didn’t say a lot about things, but some didn’t talk about enough, but everything you read causes a bitter bathert for most people. We exist in a society with certain social protocols of behavior, and when they are broken, local Hiroshima occurs in our heads. And even the blackest intentions to hijack your car and the alarm response to this will not justify a 15-minute howling devil’s siren. Behave the same way as others, in your opinion, should, and, believe, stress will be many times less. And if you have something to add to the list, write in the comments.


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