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Would you like to lose that extra couple of kilos without having to resort to too strict diets? Although it is true that to lose weight and look a more defined silhouette is essential to consume low-calorie foods and exercise on a daily basis, there are some food supplements and natural remedies that can help us achieve our goal more quickly: drinks for lose weight.

The slimming drinks can be from infusions to juices or smoothies with vegetables and fruits that stand out for their diuretic and fat-burning properties. Although we can find a wide variety of these natural preparations, in the following article of HealthProTips we will leave you a list of more than 13 drinks to lose weight. Include some of them in your daily diet and begin to lose weight naturally.

Water with lemon

Among the best drinks to lose belly fat and eliminate fat naturally we find lemon water, which is a natural diuretic that will help you eliminate both toxins and fluids accumulated in the body by increasing the amount of urine. Due to its richness in citric acid, it also stands out for its fat burning properties that favor the functions of enzymes that stimulate the liver to transform the food consumed into energy. Finally, water with lemon is rich in pectin, a soluble fiber that gives it satiating properties that reduce our sense of hunger and therefore helps us to consume smaller amounts of food.

Preparation and how to take it

To lose weight with this drink you just have to add the juice of a lemon in a glass of warm water and take the mixture every morning on an empty stomach.

Artichoke water to lose weight in the abdomen and the holsters

The artichoke water is also another drink that can help us reduce a few extra kilos. In addition to being a low-calorie preparation (each 100 grams of this plant only contributes 22 calories), artichoke water stands out for its high content in Cynarine, a substance that gives excellent diuretic properties and fat burning that prevent fluid retention and favors the elimination of fats. On the other hand, this drink to lose weight is also rich in fiber and inulin, so it combats intestinal problems such as constipation and also reduces our sensation of hunger.

Preparation and how to take it

To prepare this drink boil 2 artichokes washed and cut in a liter and a half of water and when you have ready the preparation, take 3 glasses daily for 10 days a month.

Coconut water

If you are looking for drinks to lose weight, the coconut water is an excellent option for this. This preparation stands out for practically not containing calories and for its fat burning properties that accelerate the metabolism and therefore reduce the accumulation of fat in areas such as the abdomen. In addition to these properties, coconut water is rich in minerals such as magnesium and potassium, which gives diuretic properties that will help reduce fluid retention and some of its symptoms such as the sensation of heaviness and abdominal swelling.

How to prepare it and take it

Open a coconut and drink the water inside in the morning before breakfast or buy the coconut water already prepared. You can drink up to 5 glasses a day of this drink.

Jamaica’s water

The water of Jamaica, also known as hibiscus tea, is included in this list of slimming beverages because, due to its content of flavonoids, phenolic compounds and anthocyanins, it has powerful fat burning properties that, on the one hand, accelerates our metabolism, thus favoring the elimination of fats and on the other, prevents the increase of adipocytes by reducing the size of said cells.

Preparation and takes

Prepare this drink by boiling 2 tablespoons of Jamaica flowers in a liter of water for about 8 minutes and let it rest before filtering and drinking. Take between 3 and 4 glasses before each main meal.

Grapefruit juice

In addition to being a delicious preparation, grapefruit juice is an excellent remedy to lose weight naturally. Thanks to its richness in enzymes and minerals such as potassium, grapefruit or grapefruit, it has powerful slimming properties that improve our metabolism and increase the elimination of fats accumulated in different parts of the body. As if that were not enough, in a low calorie drink (only contributes 74 calories) and in sodium, so it avoids the retention of liquids inside the organism.

Preparation and how to take it

Extract the pulp of a grapefruit and process it in a blender until obtaining the juice. It is important that you leave the pulp, since this is the part that contains more fiber and this helps to lose weight, while the juice only has more sugars. Take this drink 20 minutes after each main meal.

Papaya juice

Papaya is a tropical low calorie fruit that stands out for its great contribution in antioxidants, vegetable fibers, vitamins such as A and C and minerals such as calcium and iron. Due to this, the pulp extracted from its interior has powerful diuretic properties that will help both detoxify our body and reduce fluid retention, which favors weight loss. In addition, the papaya has digestive properties that will help us avoid problems that can slow down our goal such as constipation and gas.

Preparation and how to take it

To prepare this drink, process the pulp of this fruit in a blender together with a glass of water, a spoonful of honey and 2 tablespoons of whole oats and take the result every day on an empty stomach.

Green tea for weight loss

If you are looking for a tea to lose weight naturally, green tea should be included in your daily diet. Due to its richness in antioxidant substances, this infusion has powerful fat burning properties that accelerate metabolism cause our body to go into thermogenesis, that is to say, it produces more energy to reduce the kilos that are left over. In addition, it also stands out for its purifying properties that eliminate liquids and saturated fats through urine, and its satiating properties that reduce our sensation of hunger.

Preparation and how to take it to lose weight

This tea is prepared like any other tea or infusion, but keep in mind that it is better to opt for whole leaves than for sachets or other preparations.

Take as much as three cups a day to lose weight: one on an empty stomach, another 20 minutes after the main meal and another after dinner (at least an hour and a half before going to sleep).

White tea

Another tea to burn abdominal fat and remove retained liquids is white tea, made from the leaves of the plant known as Camellia Sinensis. In addition to its fruity flavor, this infusion is rich in antioxidants, which is why it acts as a natural fat burner that eliminates the deposits of fat accumulated in our body. To make matters worse, white tea is also characterized by its excellent diuretic and depurative properties that prevents the retention of liquids and toxins, which favors weight loss.

Preparation and how to drink it to lose weight

To prepare it, you must take into account the same indications mentioned in the previous section on green tea. Take between 1 and 3 cups of this tea a day to lose weight naturally. Always take it before meals.

Ginger tea to lose weight

Another of the infusions that allow us to lose weight more quickly is ginger tea. Due to its active ingredients such as gingerols and shogaols, this drink has powerful thermogenic properties that raise body temperature and activate our metabolism to increase fat burning. In addition, ginger tea has on the one hand, with a satiating effect that reduces our appetite, and on the other hand with digestive properties that regulate stomach and intestinal movements.

How to prepare ginger tea to lose weight and dose

we recommend that you take two cups of ginger tea daily for 15 days and then rest a week before repeating.

Cranberry juice

Another drink to lose weight belly is the juice of blueberries since it is a juice low in calories (only has 30 calories per 100 grams of this fruit) that has excellent diuretic properties that eliminate the accumulation of fluids and fats in the body. In addition to this, due to its richness in fiber and a substance known as proanthocyanidins, cranberry juice regulates intestinal transit and prevents digestive problems that hinder weight loss such as gastritis and other stomach injuries.

How to make blueberry juice to lose weight and how much to drink

The advisable thing is to prepare just the quantity that you are going to take in one time. You will have to liquefy or crush the amount of blueberries you need to fill a large glass and then do not filter it, it is necessary to also take all the skin and the pulp, which is the part that has more fiber and is necessary to lose weight. Take this juice 3 times a week before each meal to promote weight loss.

Kiwi juice

In addition to the previous slimming drinks, another excellent option to supplement your diets to lose weight is kiwi juice. This drink stands out for being very low in calories and for having a great satiating effect that will reduce the sensation of hunger. In addition, kiwi juice is rich in fiber, potassium and vitamin C, which gives it on the one hand antioxidant properties that improve our metabolism, and on the other hand powerful diuretic properties that significantly reduce fluid retention through the urine.

Elaboration and takes

To prepare this juice, process 1 peeled kiwi in a blender together with a glass of water and a slice of melon and consume the result during your breakfasts.

Cucumber juice, one of the best drinks to lose weight

The cucumber juice is also a good option to lose fat naturally since it is a low – calorie drink that features excellent diuretic and cleansing properties that eliminate the accumulation of mineral salts, toxins and other impurities from our body, thus reducing the retention of liquids and fats. In addition to this, thanks to its fiber content it will also give you a powerful satiating effect that will reduce your appetite and, therefore, consume less quantities of food.

Preparation and how to take it

Process half a cucumber with a glass of water and take it twice a day (one fasting and another before dinner).

Pineapple juice

Pineapple is a highly recommended fruit in any diet to lose weight because it has excellent diuretic properties that will help us prevent fluid retention. In addition to its diuretic power, pineapple juice is rich in water, antioxidants, vitamin C and bromelain, which gives it slimming properties that cause the accumulated fat in our body to have less resistance and in this way, it is easier to eliminate it.

Preparation and how to drink it

Process 300 grams of pineapple along with 2 glasses of water and 1 branch of celery and drink the juice obtained in the morning.


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