10 technologies that will change our lives in the next 5 years


We have already reached that stage of progress, when much of what was shown in science fiction films as an illusory future, has become a distant past. Much, but not all. And this means that the scientific community still has something to strive for. Where, for example, flying cars, promised by the creators of the third part of “Back to the Future”? Although what we describe in this article looks no less impressive. Especially when you consider that most of these technologies will become reality in the next 5 years. That is, some of them already have prototypes and are preparing for mass production. And if now some of these technical innovations are capable of causing the “Wow!” Effect, then in the near future they will become a familiar part of our life.

1. Graphene

When this innovative material was first announced, it caused a lot of hype. And there is nothing strange in this, because for many at once the incredible potential of graphene became apparent. Its thickness is only one atom, while it is 100 times stronger than steel, and also very flexible and transparent. In addition, it was discovered by our compatriots AK Geim and KS Novoselov, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics for this in 2010, however, as British scientists, since the last few years they have lived and worked in Albion.

2. Flexible phones

And this is just one of the first significant applications of graphene. Smartphones with a flexible screen, it is quite possible, very soon will replace the usual ones. Especially since this technology was announced by Samsung, which recently introduced a new Galaxy X with a bendable screen. He and his analogues have not yet had time to become products of mass consumption, but, most likely, this is a question of the near future. So finally we will have phones that we can wear folded in a wallet. According to rumors, also developed special batteries with graphene charging, which is able to charge the phone very quickly.

3. Holograms

People like to talk about holograms. This is definitely one of those technologies that makes us futuristic associations, and, apparently, it will soon become much closer to us. We have already seen a lot of evidence of this. One of them was demonstrated by Hypervsn, showing several cool holograms based on the LED glow at CES 2018. Of course, this is not the technology that we used to see in films about the future, but in the next few years it will undoubtedly become more refined.

4. Phones that will not require charging

New technologies associated with the use of solar energy or kinetic (when body movement is used as a charge) have not been new for a long time. And since it is the smartphone industry that demonstrates one of the fastest growth rates, it is not surprising that it is the active work on the introduction of such batteries that is connected with it. This means that the immediate problem of finding a charge for the phone will be finally solved soon, because it will not be needed anymore.

5. Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering, or, as it is abbreviated as it is called, genomics, is a rapidly developing scientific field, which already shows an incredible breakthrough. And although some of the possible perspectives associated with genomics are ambiguous from an ethical point of view (cloning or artificially creating “superhumans”), this science can solve many medical problems and increase the duration of human life. In addition, genomics has great potential for improving the sphere of agriculture.

6. Quantum computing

Quantum computing is another area in which people have high hopes for improving our lives. We will not talk about the principle of operation of quantum computers, firstly because we do not understand anything about it. Secondly, it is much more interesting to learn what benefits this technology will bring us. In particular, it can significantly increase the computing speed of computers and make them much more powerful.

7. 3D printing

Each of us has already heard about 3D printing for a long time, and so far it remains only at the level of outlandish technology printing simple plastic objects. But over the next few years we will witness a more practical application of 3D printing. Along with plastic it will be possible to use different types of metals. In addition, there is talk about the creation of such things as human organs or other objects of extreme necessity.

8. Unmanned vehicles

It seems that before the invention of computers and the Internet, the most significant technological breakthrough for mankind was the invention of machines. And, apparently, ahead of us are waiting for revolutionary changes in the field of automotive. No, now we are not talking about flying cars. Unmanned vehicles are already undergoing the first tests, and conversations about them are becoming more and more popular. So if you always dreamed of attending parties on your own car and at the same time not deny yourself a drink, then rejoice, because soon the desired will come true.

9. Hyperloop

Hyperlup is one of the most exciting technologies of the near future and one of those ambitious projects, to the development of which Ilon Musk had a hand. The essence of the idea is to create vacuum trains that can reach speeds of up to 1000 km / h. Thus, hyperlup can be a high-tech and convenient alternative to airplanes. In any case, the project is currently under development, and we can only wish its creators good luck and wait.

10. Li-Fi

Wi-Fi is no longer the only way to wirelessly connect to the Internet. There is a new technology called Li-Fi, which uses visible light instead of radio waves. Since the light spectrum in space is much larger than the radio frequency, this technology will allow for a higher Internet speed. At the same time, its cost will be significantly lower than with the use of Wi-Fi.


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