10 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle


There is nothing sadder for a man who spends half his life in the gym than losing his own muscles. He trained, rocked, sweated, but everything went somewhere – his body was almost literally. Where are his muscles, where is his strength? He knows nothing about this, but we knows everything about it, so he shares with you the most important information – be smarter than the guy who lost his muscles, be the guy who kept these muscles.

1.You ate little

Yes, the extra calories turn into fat, but if you consume food consistently and correctly, then most of the calories will be used as fuel for the muscles. But if you count calories and are afraid to eat too much, then this will be the surest way to lose muscle mass. Have you seen the muscles of the starving? The question is rhetorical.

2.You run a lot

Do not need to lean heavily on cardio exercises, if you want to maintain muscle mass.  Therefore, we strongly recommend reducing the intensity of running lessons. So it will be better both for you and for your muscles.

3.Always Empty Stomach

When you run a lot, especially on an empty stomach, the body begins to burn not only calories, but also muscles. The same thing happens when you go to bed on an empty stomach – the body still wants more energy, and it takes it from muscle tissue.

4.You work on exhaustion

Another problem faced by many guys who bring themselves to the state of slugs in gyms. They do a lot of repetition, force will, shout during weight lifting, cause real pain to their body. Their muscles swell and appear large after exercise. But the thing is not in growth, but in simple inflammation. Muscle growth and inflammation are two different processes. Therefore, such people do not achieve long-term success and very quickly blown away.

5.You neglect complex training

This is a common mistake for newbies. They work on the same muscles and completely forget that it is possible to swing not only arms, but also legs, not only shoulders, but also your back. Why not work with only one muscle group? Because it often leads to cessation of muscle growth, as well as injury. The body must develop harmoniously, because each muscle group is connected with the other – the muscles are created to work together, not separately from each other.

6.You avoid stretch marks

Are you bored doing it? We do not doubt it – the stretching itself seems dull. But it is necessary for each workout, because it accelerates the recovery and range of motion of the muscles. Thanks to stretching, muscle fibers work better. Stretching helps to protect the body from serious injury during weight lifting – this is proven in practice by many bodybuilders.

7.You eat haphazardly

When you stay more than three hours without food, your metabolism slows down significantly. The body is in shock, and therefore grabs every calorie that you send it to him. At the same time, he uses calories not for increasing energy, but for storage – in case you don’t give him food again. Thus, our body reacts to the rarity of food intake. Therefore, it is important to eat regularly – in small portions, but often.

8.You are a retrograde in the hall

If you train on the same simulators every workout, then you make a big mistake – this constancy leads to burnout. In fitness, diversity plays a big role. You should not only increase the severity, increase the complexity of the training process, but also train on different projectiles, try to diversify the routine as much as possible. This will stimulate the growth of your strength and muscles.

9.You train only what you can see in the mirror

Another mistake, which, unfortunately, is widespread. Yes, it is always fascinating to train “trophy muscles” – you can immediately see the result, please yourself and your girlfriend with this result. But, my friend, 70% of the total muscles are not located in the hands, but in the legs and the back – this is where the main potential for the growth of all muscles is located. If you do not use it, you will not be able to pump as you want.

10.You are not resting enough

Sleep is a prerequisite for decent muscle growth. If you do not sleep or sleep badly, then your body does not produce the most important muscle strengthening hormone – growth hormone. This same hormone suffers from the fact that you are under constant stress. If you work seven days a week, then we have an unpleasant surprise for you – you will lose your muscles. The good news is that all this is easily prevented by rest and healthy sleep. So relax and just rest.


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