10 reasons why I feel hungry all the time


If we talk about the normal functioning of the body, the feeling of hunger says one thing: “Eat something if you want to live!” But when you pull a bar of chocolate an hour after dinner, then it is not about survival. Then why do you want? Why do some of us think about food day and night.

1. Your hormones have lost sensitivity.

Hormones are one of the main ways to communicate between your brain and your body. If we talk about hunger, then we are talking about leptin and ghrelin. Ghrelin is produced in the stomach and tells us that we want to eat. Leptin, by contrast, tells us about overeating.

Unfortunately, if you regularly eat large meals, the body becomes insensitive to leptin. For this reason, the weight and grows. But this, of course, is fixable, if you take up the mind. In the end, your body itself will be happy to adjust eating behavior.

2. You sleep little

If you are tired, then you need energy – everything is logical. But you do not burn calories, your body just lacks sleep. As a result, you are trying to replace sleep with sugars, carbohydrates that support your existence, but ruin the body. There is, in fact, a vicious circle. You pick up a weakness, but when you pick it up, you don’t want to sleep again, the brain rumbles on soda and energy drinks. In general, bring the mode back to normal, but we’ll see.

3. Exercise drains your spirit

After an hour or two of intensified training, your body will demand the replenishment of energy reserves with sugar, of course. And you want to eat something. Psychologically, exercise pushes us to eat more than necessary. However, if you sweat in the gym, don’t get better at donating your achievements. This will also nullify all the result in the rocking chair. So eat consciously, not by impulse.

4. Stress

Some people begin to wildly absorb burgers when they have an exam, an interview or a public presentation on their nose. Our knees are shaking, we are nervous, we eat more. Some, on the contrary, do not eat anything at all before any important event. In any case, you need to understand that occasionally you eat not because of need, but because of stress. How to cope with stress in a different way? We often wrote about this.

5. You do not quench your thirst

Dehydration – is it bad, of course? If your body needs water, then drink to your health. If you do not solve such problems right away, then you can bring down your understanding of hunger and thirst. Many people think: “Nonsense! How can such a thing be confused ?! ”But in fact, everything is not as simple as you might think.

6. Food you eat while drunk

Hop distorts our perception of reality. That’s why you order some wild rubbish at three in the morning right after drinking. Your stomach is full, all your organs are full, but you don’t think so and feel a severe shortage of shawarma. The point is the sharp jumps in the level of sugar that make you consider yourself hungry. Why do they occur? Well, alcoholic beverages are often pure carbohydrates, and they are not particularly friendly with sugar.

7. Food is not on mode

There is a need every four to five hours. If you neglect meals during the eight-hour working day, then I am ready to bet that on coming home you pile a huge pile of food on your plate. Particular attention will be given to fatty foods, because it gives an instant flow of energy. If you skip breakfast, then you will be malfunctioning, and you will be one of those eccentrics who dine at 10 am. Then, after lunch, you will feel the hunger of the old memory, and your body will demand the food that you missed in the morning. Just follow the normal schedule.

8. You lose sight of healthy food.

Ideally, you should eat food that contains complex carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fat and protein. It will give you more satiety. Such a dish looks like this: brown rice with chicken and vegetables, fried with olive oil. But, of course, most prefer to throw fat on ala fast food. And we understand this, because we ourselves love such food. However, simple carbohydrates and fried foods, although they provide instant relief, but then again make you feel hungry. Here choose between two evils.

9. You move your jaws wrong

You can argue with us about this as much as you like, but the wise words of our mothers that the food should be chewed well are not without meaning. The fact is that leptin and other hormones work better if you don’t eat fast. He chewed 20 times a piece of meat, and such a leptin thinks: “Okay, you have enough, enough to eat!” If you eat at a pace, then the hormones just do not keep up with you.

10. You succumbed to peer pressure

Insulting the owners of the house can not, if they offer food. But it is not necessary to eat all the time if they eat in your company. Let them be uncomfortable, awkward, but this awkwardness will pass after a couple of minutes of conversation. Did a friend order a burger and french fries and offer you to share a dinner table? Divide, but take the coffee. Even if you like the food that your friend devours.

Hunger is a very relative concept. It is best to analyze this feeling than to be his slave. In more than 70% of cases, the feeling of hunger is not a real hunger of the body. Try to build relationships with your digestive system, the body, and then, perhaps, you will cease to be forever hungry guy.



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