10 important beauty habits that every woman should practice


Our beauty depends on our daily beauty habits.

Today we are going to see some important tips, tricks and beauty habits that each girl should try to practice:

Exfoliate all your body

Exfoliation is one of the most important parts of skin care, both for the face and the body.

Do you want to have beautiful, healthy and radiant skin? If so, then do not neglect the exfoliation.

Exfoliation removes dead old cells from the surface of the skin, revealing beautiful healthy skin underneath.

On the other hand, if you apply your creams and lotions on the previously exfoliated skin, all these skin care products will be absorbed much more easily and more quickly.

Leave your exfoliating products in your bathroom, so it will be easier for you to remember and use them.

Moisturize your body

Probably, we never forget to hydrate our face, but often many of us neglect to hydrate our body.

We use lotions for the body from time to time or when our skin feels very dry. Instead, try to use it every day.

Cover yourself with your favorite body lotion (or use your favorite oil), your skin will love it and will say “thank you” by becoming a soft, smooth and magnificently shiny skin.

Use oils for beauty

If you are looking for a perfect body lotion, a moisturizer for the skin and a natural product for hair care, look no further.

Olive oil (or coconut oil) can become your “all in one” moisturizer.

Use it to moisturize the face and body (rub on your entire body while you are in the shower), apply it on the lips like a lip balm, use it as your cream under the eyes, nourish your hair with it and take care of your nails.

Protect your skin from the sun

I know, many of us live in places where sometimes the sun is not around often, but even on days when the sun is not out, harmful UV rays can still reach the deep layers of your skin, damaging it from within.

Therefore, if you want to have beautiful and healthy skin for a longer period of time, do not neglect the sunscreen.

Sun exposure is the main cause of premature aging and wrinkles of the skin. Choose a lightweight sunscreen and use it daily, if you want your skin to be healthy and young.

Clean makeup brushes

How often should I clean my makeup brushes?

Well, we definitely do not need to clean them every day; According to many beauty experts, washing the makeup brushes twice a month is fine, once a week is perfect.

Just dip your makeup brush in warm soapy water (you can use makeup shampoo or soap).

Rinse your brushes with warm water, dry them with a towel and let them dry overnight.

Quick note: if you suffer from rosacea or have sensitive skin sensitive to acne, it is recommended to wash the makeup brushes every day, especially the brushes of the base and concealer.

Do not pump the mascara

If you want your mascara to last longer, avoid pumping it every time you apply it.

Pumping or rapid movement of the mascara wand up and down will only allow air to enter the mascara tube, causing the mascara to dry faster than it should.

If you want your mascara to last longer, avoid letting air enter the mascara tube.

Combat your pimples with tea tree oil

Pimples never appear at the right time, in reality, they always tend to appear at exactly the wrong time!

The tea tree oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal properties and can be very effective in the fight against acne.

Apply tea tree oil directly on your shin before going to sleep.

I do not promise that your pimple will disappear during the night (although this is also possible), but you will definitely wake up with a better condition.

Exfoliate your lips

When you brush your teeth, do not forget to brush your teeth over your lips to exfoliate them.

After this, apply a little olive oil or your favorite lip balm in your mouth and enjoy soft, beautiful and kissable lips.

Drink water

Even though drinking water does not sound like a beauty habit, it’s actually important.

Start the day with a tall glass full of water (you can add a little lemon and honey to make an extra flavor increase).

Water helps the toxins are eliminated outside the body, hydrates your entire system, making your skin look fresh, healthy and beautiful.

Spray water on your face

This habit of beauty is one of my favorites (especially in the summer).

I love spraying my face in the morning and during the day with rose water or simply with mineral water.

The dew with rose water is a refreshing beauty treatment that will leave your face fresh and glowing.


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