10 Exercises to stretches your joints


Do you have joint pain? Do you get up and have back pain? Do not worry, here are 10 very easy stretches to do that will make you feel like new:

Read this list in which we explain how to correctly do each of these exercises. Put these 10 exercises into practice at least 3 times a week:

  1. Back stretch: raise one shoulder until it is at 90º, and with the other hand, exert pressure on the elbow, stretching and maintaining tension for 15 seconds. Repeat the movement three times.
  2. Lateral tilt stretch: tilt the neck laterally to the right, helping you with the opposite hand. Hold the position for 15 seconds, and repeat it three times alternating the two sides of the neck.
  3. Lumbar stretch: stretch, flex the legs, place the hand behind the thighs and bring the knees to the chest. Do not forget to breathe properly!
  4. Abdominal breathing: inspires, letting air in through the nose and noticing how the belly swells. Expel the air slowly, until you feel that everything has come out.
  5. Shoulder movement: inspire and lift the shoulders, maintaining this position for 6 seconds and then expelling the air to relax.
  6. Toning abdominals: inhale stretched face up and expel the air, imagining that you direct your belly button towards the ground. Keep the contraction about 6 seconds. This helps with the abs!
  7. Stretching legs: work the quadriceps pulling the leg back with the help of the hand and leading to the buttocks. Repeat the exercise three times with each leg.
  8. Abdominal iron: with this exercise, consisting of supporting the weight of your stretched body with the arms flexed and the help of the feet, keeping the body in a straight position, you will get some abdominals of film!
  9. Wrist extension: stretch the arm forward with the palm facing the ceiling and then flex until the hand is vertical, with the help of the other hand.
  10. Ulnar flexion: stretch the arm, now with the palm facing down and stretch with the opposite hand until it is vertical. Your dolls will thank you!



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