10 benefits of lemon juice


Winter, which leads to a cold hand, must be met with hot tea with lemon. It is possible without tea. Rather, stock up on grocery this citrus, because its benefits can not be overestimated!

1. Shock dose of vitamins.

Lemon is a crazy citrus fruit with a very high content of vitamin C. Of course, you know that. But an interesting fact for all lovers of history: for gold prospectors who lived in the middle of the 19th century, lemons themselves were worth their weight in gold. At that time, one lemon was worth more than a dollar; in 1849, few could afford such luxury. But it was one of the few means capable of protecting sailors, gold prospectors and all those seeking an easy life and adventure from scurvy. Now, to put it mildly, this is not the most common disease, but lemon is still the constant supplier of the daily requirement of vitamin C: one large lemon contains 45 mg of vitamin C – 75% of the daily requirement.

2. He heals everything …

Well, maybe not all. Lemon juice will not save you from swine flu, ebola, hemorrhoids and tinnitus. But vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system, which, in turn, can protect against many unpleasant colds and weakness of the frail organism. The antibacterial properties of lemon help relieve sore throat with inflammation of the tonsils. Just as often as possible rinse throat with water mixed with lemon juice.

3. Lemon juice will help you focus

It has been scientifically proven that citrus scent helps to improve concentration and increase alertness. Therefore, if you need to focus on something, put on the stove and boil water, generously mixed with lemon juice.

4. Cosmetic

Perhaps now you are not worried about the condition of your own skin, because you have long gone through a period when acne of all colors and sizes covered your face. But after a couple of decades, you will remember all these “babaskih tricks” when your face will look like a Shar-Pei’s ass, and your hair will begin to fall out of your head at the slightest breeze. No, man, you won’t look like Statham. Rather, like another balding eccentric. Lemon juice to help you! Its daily intake smoothes wrinkles, improves skin and hair condition. You can not even dilute it with water so that your severity and brutality do not decrease.

5. Prevention of kidney stones

Urolithiasis is one of the most unpleasant types of illness. You may never know about him if you add some lemon juice to your daily diet.

6. Lemon eases your soul …

Lemon is your reliable ally in the fight against insomnia, stress and anxiety.

7. … and the body

The antibacterial properties of lemon juice will help you reduce your stay on the toilet throne in an attempt to squeeze out something worthwhile. Lemon juice mixed with warm water improves digestion, saves you from heartburn, nausea, indigestion, bloating, and also cleanses the blood, helps with hiccups and has a beneficial effect on the liver.

8. This is a powerful detox.

Toxins, the presence of which adversely affects the body and general well-being, are waiting for us literally everywhere: poor quality water and food, household chemicals, the environment, medicines, furniture and even clothing, especially synthetics. All this affects your performance and mood much more than you think. But our yellow friend will gladly come to your rescue. Lemon juice perfectly helps to clean up your exhausted body.

9. Helps weight loss faster.

Lemon juice contains almost no calories, as we have already found out, it helps digestion and reduces the feeling of hunger due to the pectin contained in it.

10. Help with toothache

Rub lemon juice into the gums, mix it with water and rinse your mouth. This will provide you with an analgesic effect and a pleasant smell from the mouth.

Some practical tips

1. Lemon with a thin peel – the best donor for juice. Such a fruit is easily identified by the presence of a smooth peel without bulges, while the thick-skinned variant has a bumpy surface. The peel should not have dark spots, but be elastic and “glossy”.
2. In the fridge, a lemon can be stored for up to one month, and outside for about a week at room temperature away from direct sunlight. But if you squeeze out the juice all at once, then it can be stored in the refrigerator without losing its beneficial properties for several centuries and a couple more weeks.
3. Do not drink undiluted lemon juice.


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